Holiday Experience and Historical Spots in Fukuroi City (Fukuroi-Shi)

  • Designated a Prefectural Natural Park, the Asaba Coast is a beautiful shoreline stretching 5.6 km east and west where emerald green waves wash up on white beaches. In summer, the beaches are crowded with young people enjoying marine sports such as windsurfing.

    Beach net fishing Demonstration and Experience

    Tourists can have a shot at throwing and drawing fish nets from a boat. Not only the excitement of spreading out the nets but also cooking fresh fish (sushi and tempura) outdoors make this aotivity popular. (End of April ~ End of October)

    Address and Contact – Fukuroi Tourism Association, Asaba Branch

    979-1 Asana, Fukuroi City (Fukuroi-Shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 437-1102 Japan TEL: 0538(30)4050 FAX: 0538(30)4888

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    Fukuroi Tourism Association, Asaba Branch Website: Asaba Beach net Application: Kyoeimaru TEL: (0538) 23-2062, Eishoumaru TEL: (0538) 23-2093

    Asaba Beach net fishing:

    Address and Contact – Fukuroi City Hall, Asaba Beach

    1028 Asana, Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture 437-1102, Japan Tel: Health Center, Asaba Beach: 0538-23-9222 Regional Support Office, Asaba Division (Civil Service Branch): 0538-23-9219 Regional Construction Division, Asaba Beach: 538-23-9216

    Fukuroi City Hall, Asaba Beach Govt. Website:

    Asaba Chamber of Commerce

    TEL: 0538(23)2440 FAX: 0538(23)4879

    Email: asab…


  • Spreading over the hill, “Chapia” is a facility tor demonstrating how tea is produced, something you cannot see anywhere else but in Fukuroi City. It has a laboratory where you can experience the production and processing of tea, and other facilities including tea ceremony rooms, gardens and kiosks.

    Tea ceremony experience in Fragrant Hill “Chapia”

    Address and Contact – Chadokoro Taiken Land (‘Kaori-no-Oka Chapia’) 7157-1 Okazaki, Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture 437-1312, Japan TEL(0538)44-1900 FAX(0538)44-1910

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    Ogasayama General Athletic Park

    This large all-purpose athletic park was born under the motto of “Health, Sports and Nature”. There are many sports and recreation facilities in this park, such as “Ecopa”, an arena and a multipurpose open area. Development of the botanical garden “Hananosato (Flower Village)” is being promoted in cooperation with the people of the prefecture. ECOPA stadium can hold 50,000 people. It is the largest facility in the prefecture. You can enjoy walking through nature in all four seasons and experience forest natural relaxation.

    Address and Contact – Ogasayama Sports Park ECOPA (Shizuoka ECOPA Stadium)

    2300-1 Aino, Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture 437-0031 Japan Tel: 0538-41-1800


    Aino Park

    A visit to this park is recommended whether you wish to take a walk through woods or enjoy sports like baseball, tennis, archery, and sumo. Anyone can sound the “Bell of Love” (Ao No Kane), which was built to symbolize the landscape of Fukuroi and all things in the universe. Within Aino Park you will see beautuful azaleas. Fukuroi Fireworks Festival can be viewed from here. Aino Park is a 26 minute walk from both Fukuroi and Aino stations.

    Beautiful Azaleas in Aino Park

    Address and Contact – Aino Park Aino Park Administration Building 1727 Toyosawa, Fukuroi City (Fukuroi-Shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 437-0031, Japan Tel/Fax: 0538-43-1900

    Aino Park Website:

  • Fig: Asana Station as it used to be

    Fig: Paved public walkway

    Fig: Pared public walkway on the site of Old Sun’en Railroad Line

    Site of Old Sun’en Railroad Line

    The Sun’en Railroad Line connected Fukuroi Station with Fujieda Station via Omaezaki and was known as the longest light railway in Japan, but it was discontinued in 1967. At present, the old railroad is used by many people as a walkway.