Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) – The Tropical Ambience of Omote (Southern) Lake Hamana, Hamamatsu City


Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) was a fishing port lying on the south-eastern edge of Lake Hamana. The Lake Hamana and the Pacific Ocean meet at this point and travellers had to cross this mouth of the lake by boats. Omote (southern) Lake Hamana Area (Kanzanji, Yuto, Maisaka), blessed with the natural beauty of the Enshu Sea and Lake Hamana, is known as the entrance to Lake Hamana. In Kanzanji, Yuto, and Bentenjima Hot Springs there are many nice hotels and inns. The coast of Lake Hamana is known for its warm climate and abundant sunshine, ideal for mandarin orange cultivation. The flowers, grown mainly in Shonai and Kan-zanji on the shores of Lake Hamana, are sent all over the country from Kanto to Hokkaido.

Bentenjima Hot Springs (Maisaka Beach)

bentenjima_hot_springs__maisaka_beach Bentenjima is located at the entrance of Lake Hamana clean water is calm and the waves. Guests can enjoy swimming in peace. Bentenjima Beach Park/ Bentenjima Kaihin Park (Bentenjima Kaihin Koen) in front of the Bentenjima Hot Springs Spa (Onsen) resort is a popular leisure spot with a relaxed tropical feeling. Clam-digging in the spring, and swimming and fishing during the summer are the main attractions for families and friends. You will be able to observe the flora and fauna in the shallows of the sea anchor of natural tidal flat. Clamming shallows ferry, departure from the center of the park is the beach. During spring through summer you can have great fun digging up clams from sand under the shallow pools of water that fringe Lake Hamana. The views of the symbol tower and the sunset overlooking Hamana Ohashi Bridge should not be missed! 3-minute walk from JR Bentenjima Station.

Contact – Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) Tourist Association

3775-2 Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho), Bentenjima, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Nishi Ward (Nishi-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0214, Japan TEL: 053-592-0757 Fax: 053-592-0759 Bentenjima station tourist Information Center Tel: 053-592-4016

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Nagisaen (Beach camping park)

nagisaen_beach_camping_park This is a multipurpose sports facility where people can play tennis, baseball, and soccer, with a camp site located adjacently. Nagisa garden (Nagisaen) camping site, like an island along Lake Hamana can accommodate more than 100 people. Host music events, events such as flea markets as well. Nagisaen (Beach camping park) and Lake Hamana (Hamanako) Experience Station 5005-1 Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho), Bentenjima, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Nishi Ward (Nishi-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0214, Japan

Contact – Nagisa park management Office

Closed: New Year’s holidays, and during the night from Nov.11 until Mar.19 Hour: 9:00-21:00 Tel: 053-592-1525 Fax: 053-592-7544


Lake Hamana (Hamanako) Experience Station

lake_hamana_hamanako_experience_station It is a facility to get in touch with creatures of Lake Hamana. This experiential learning facility – U~otto Lake Hamana (Hamanako) is at Institute of Fisheries Technology.

Contact – Lake Hamana (Hamanako) Experience Station

Institute of Fisheries Technology Experiential learning facility – U~otto Hamanako Tel: 053-592-2880 Fax: 053-592-2722

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Maisaka Post Station

maisaka_post_station Tokaido Maisaka-shuku was the 30th stage on the Tokaido Road, once prosperous as ferry boat town for Imagire. This is a replica of the supplementary inn for Honjin (the main inn for feudal lords). This Wakihonjin is said to be the only remains of the Tokaido Road.

Contact – Maisaka Post Station (Maisakashuku Wakihonjin)

2091 Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho), Maisaka, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Nishi Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0211, Japan Entrance: Free Closed: Mondays, days following national holidays, and Dec.28~Jan.4 Hour: 9:00-16:00 Tel: 053-596-3715

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Beautiful sunset from Hamanako Hakkei / Bentenjima Ukimido


Figure: Map of Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho)

Transportation – Getting Around Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) in Omote (southern) Lake Hamana (Hamanako) Area of Hamamatsu [See Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) Area Map Above]:

By Train: JR Hamamatsu Station → Maisaka Station (10min.)

JR Hamamatsu Station → Bentenjima Station (12min.)

By Bus:
Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No.4 “Maisaka chonai, Bentenjima Onsen Iki” (45min.)

Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) Contact Info (Others):

Bentenjima beach park management (Bentenjima Fishery Union) 3775-2 Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho), Bentenjima, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Nishi Ward (Nishi-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0214, Japan TEL: 053-592-0933


Maisaka Govt. Regional Development Division 2701-9 Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho), Maisaka, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Nishi Ward (Nishi-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0211, Japan Tel:053-592-2111 Fax: 053-592-5813

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Lake Hamana Chamber of Commerce, Maisaka Branch 798 Maisaka Town (Maisaka-cho) Maisaka, Nishi Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-0211, Japan TEL: 053-592-3811 FAX: 053-592-5316


Arakawa tackle shop
Tel: 053-592-0507

Bicycle Rental: Bentenjima Seaside Park Terminal, Tel: 053-596-4187 Museum of Sea Lake Terminal, Tel: 053-594-6624 Ekinishi New Home Town Terminal, Tel: 053-594-5022 Garden Beach Terminal, Tel: 053-592-1525 Kanzanji Terminal, Tel: 053-487-0152 Kiga Terminal Station, Tel: 053-523-0806

Mikkabi Terminal Station, Tel: 053-525-0102