Shimada City Rose Hill Park, Shimada City (Shimada-shi)

Due to the results its of a citizens’ ques tionaire Shimada City Rose Hill Park was built. This park features large rose gardens, a big green-house and a tunnel-shaped greenhouse. There are 8,500 rose bushes (285 kinds), in the park.

In the east ernpart of the park, one can see 100 types of roses (8,700 rose plants of about 350 varieties, covering an area of approximately 1.3 hectares) which were exhibited at the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, OSAKA, in 1990. The park features the “Taihu Stones”, which Huzhou City in Zhejiang, China sent to Shimada City, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Shimada-Huzhou Friendship Affiliation in May, 1992.

You can enjoy the greenhouse and the walking path can be enjoyed year-round. A peak blooming period is coming up around May, making the coming months a good time to see Shimada’s impressive rose collection.

You can also purchase the kind of roses that grow in the Shimada City’s Rose Hill Park (Bara no Oka Koen). The “rose house” in front of the ROSE PARK sells rose related articles (1st floor) and offers French cuisine (2nd floor).

Address and Contact: Shimada City Rose Hill (Bara no Oka) Park 1652-1 Noda, Shimada City (Shimada-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 427-0007, Japan Opening Hours: May – Nov 9:00 – 18:00 (Wed, Thr and Fri), Dec – Apr 9:00 – 16:00 Closing Days: Mon (if Mon is holiday, the next day), 29th Dec – 3rd Jan Tel/Fax: 0547-37-0505