Shizuoka City


shizuoka-city-shizuoka-shi-lovely-view-of-mt-fuji-between-southern-alps-and-suruga-bay Thrilling new encounters are awaiting you. Between the cloud skirted ridges of the Southern Alps/ Minami Arupusu (Akaishi Mountains) and the deep blue waters of Suruga Bay lies a land of rich in nature and ancient cultural traditions. Nature, warm hearts, flavors, history, and an exciting future are a part of Shizuoka City’s grand landscape. Come and experience the… daidogei-street-performance-festival-daidogei-world-cup-in-shizuoka-2 Probably the biggest event on Shizuoka’s Calendar, held annually in early November, jugglers, mimes, magicians and other performers from around the world gather to pit their skills against each other in this grand contest of entertainment. Daidogei World Cup is a highly respected international festival of street performance, which attracts over 2 million visitors… Celebrations of the earth echo across the mountains. The clear flowing streams, gushing hot springs and vast color of the Southern Alps (Minami Arupusu) heal the travelers soul with splendid workings. Abe Falls About 40 minutes from the Umegashima hot-spring village, Abe Falls is the largest waterfall in Shizuoka City and one of the 100 most scenic falls in Japan… Ancient bones found in Mikkabi and the Toro Ruins in Shizuoka city stand as evidence that humans have been attracted to the geography and climate of Shizuoka since the Stone Age. The founder of the Tokugawa Dynasty, the legendary Tokugawa Ieyasu, chose to live in Suruga (now Shizuoka city) which made it the unofficial capital during the 17th century. Come and visit… See the mysteries of the sea on the breaking waves. With gorgeous views, beaches tinged with legend, marine sport facilities and a natural science museum, the Miho Peninsula is dotted with sites that will pique your curiosity. Miho peninsula elongating into Suruga Bay is famous as the swimming beach looking at Mt. Fuji. Various activities such as yacht, board sailing… shimizu-port-area-2 The echo of foreign lands rides in on the pounding of the sea. A waterfront with views of Mt. Fuji, this entryway to the sea is lined with museums and entertainment facilities that present the richness of the past, present and future. Mt. Fuji from Shimizu Port Many luxury sailing vessels visit the Port of Shimizu. From here, visitors can take a ferry across the… nihondaira-area-4 Enjoy the flavor of Shizuoka to your hearts content. Magnificent panoramas from Suruga Bay to the slopes of sacred Mt. Fuji and Southern Japan Alps, green expanses of tea plantations and many historical sites. The calming vistas of the Nihondaira hold the essence of Shikuoka’s natural and cultural charm. Natural Beauty of Nihondaira The Nihondaira Prefectural… suruga-bay-ferry-shimizu-port-toi-port-and-shimizu-bay-cruises-2 The route lies at the foothills of Mount Fuji. The majestic view of beautiful Mount Fuji towering above the coastline is a sight that can only be glimpsed from a boat. Shimizu Port, where the landing is located, is just 15 minutes by car from Shimizu Interchange, or a bus ride of seven or eight minutes from Shimizu Station. The high-speed ferry crosses Suruga Bay to… mt-fuji-nature-3 Why do the Japanese love Mt. Fuji? It is not just because it is the highest peak in Japan. The magnificent summit reaching above a lush, green, forest; the mysterious silhouette reflected in the water; the mountain’s changing visage through the seasons shows the real beauty of nature. No matter how often you see it, it never fails to impress. Just one hour from the… B.C.6-B.C.5 some people inhabited in the region blessed with warm climate. B.C.3 they came to know to utilize not only stone-made tools but metal-made ones, and began to settle some place where they could prduce rice as their main food. “Toro Ruine” now reveals you their dwellings, rice fields, tools and franaries of an ancient society some 1800 years ago. Birth of… local-products-shizuoka-city-1 Nature’s blessings and traditional skills abound Nature’s abundance yielded fine cuisine from the fruits of land and sea while the cosmopolitan culture of the highway nurtured refined handicrafts. Shizuoka’s deep history is very much alive today. Suruga Bamboo Lattice ware (SurugaTake Sensuji Zaiku) Shizuoka has long been renowned for its fine bamboo work…