Trappistine Convent, Hakodate City (Hakodate-shi)

The beautiful green roof and brick contrast the religious institution; the Trappistine convent was built to house only nuns in 1898. Was established by eight nuns from France. Today, there are about 70 nuns, under the commandment of St. Benedict, supporting themselves in divine devotion by managing dry field and dairy farms. They keep the silence except for prayers and hymns.

They practice self-sufficiency, raise at 03:30, sleep at 19:45. While they are awake, they work eight hours and pray eight hours.

There are branch convent in Nishinomiya Hyogo, Imari Saga, Nasu Tochigi, and Miyako-jima Okinawa. Visitors cannot enter the convent, but the photographs displayed in the reference room (for visitors) depict the history and “life in worship.”

Cookies, candies, and dolls made by nuns can be purchased at the convent store.

About 2,500 yen by taxi from JR Hakodate station. Five minutes from Hakodate Airport. There are bus routes, but it is about 15 minutes walk from any station near by.

Address: 346 Kamiyunokawa-cho Hakodate
TEL: +81-138-57-3331