Nemuro City


Sunrise on New Year’s Day (January) On the first of January, many tourists rush to Cape Nosappu. Seeing the earliest sunrise in Japan at the cape makes them feel refreshed and purified. Another year of struggle for the return of Northern Territories begins. Cycling of the coastline (July) Since 1985, cycling the coastline between Nemuro and Shibetsu is… what-to-see-and-when-to-see-in-nemuro-peninsula In the end of February – The coming of Ice Floes In the end of February, the Sea of Okhotsk facing the Nemuro peninsula suddenly turns into an extensive bright white icefield, covered by the vast ice floes that has finally arrived after a long journey from the Amurriver of Siberia. At the eastern-most Cape Nosappu, the Dynamic move of ice floes in a silver winter… Lake Furen (Furen-ko) Known as the lake of swans, from the middle of October, this seawater mixed lake is crowded by thousands of whooping swans that migrate from Siberia. Lake Furen is also known as the paradise of wild birds, the only place in Japan where more than 240 species can be observed. This is a large ocean side lake on the west side of Nemuro City…. Nemuro is a city of international exchange and trade where swans flutter located in eastern japan on the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk. Nemuro formed a sister-city affiliation in 1975 with Sitka, Alaska, to which it had been related through northern-sea fishery. Since then, the two have promoted personnel and cultural exchanges to extend their friendly… Nemuro City (Nemuro-shi) is one of the main cities on the eastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern territory. Mainly countryside like most of Hokkaido, Nemuro is replete with nature’s beauty. Compared to the rest of Hokkaido, Nemuro doesn’t have as much snow, but still a lot from the beautiful region of Ochishi. The Nemuro Peninsula has the Lowest warmth…