Shikaoi Town (Shikaoi-cho) – Borders on the Mt. Taisetsu (Daisetsu)

The name “Shikaoi” is based on the Ainu word “kuteku’ushi” (to chase after deers). In ancient times, deers were easily caught by driving them into nets which were placed in the ravines.

Position and Area of Shikaoi

Shikaoi borders on the Taisetsu and Hidaka mountain ranges, often refered to as the roof of Hokkaido. Shikaoi is located in the NorthWest region of the Tokachi Plains. The Tokachi Plains stretch all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

With Lat.43°00’30”, Long. 142°55’35″~143°09’06”, East and West 17.7k, North and South 39.8k, this area makes up 399.61k square meter and occupies 3.6% of Tokachi total area.

Figure: Red area shows Shikaoi in Tokachi

Shikaoi is two hours from Tokyo by planes and two hours from Sapporo by train. Centrally located on Hokkaido island, Shikaoi is a surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, and quiet farmlands. Shikaoi Town has several impressive public facilities, including an excellent art museum, sports, social education and fitness centers.

Natural Symbol

Figure: Official Tree Maple, Official Bird Cuckoo, Official Flower Rhododendron


6,205 (Male:3,134 Female:3,071) Household/ 2,305

Shikaoi’s economy is focused on farming and dairy farming. Lake Shikaribetsu, located in the eastern part of Taisetsuzan National Park, is a leading tourist attraction. Shikaoi is also known for its plentiful Dolly Varden (Oshorokoma) and Shikaoi buckwheat noodles.


  • White Snake Princess Festival
  • Autumn Cuisine Festival
  • Asiatic Pika Viewing Festival
  • Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan
  • Shikaoi Cart Horse Racing Festival
  • Shikaoi Horse Trekking
  • Shikaoi Winter Festival

Figure: Shikaoi Town Hall, Kanda Nissho Memorial Museum, Shikaoi’Sen’ Park

Sightseeing Spots

Lake Shikaribetsu

The region is very fortunate to have some very scenic areas. These include Lake Shikaribetsu in the mountains north of the town and the Kanno Onsen area (hot springs) not far away. Located at the southeastern end of Daisetsuzan National Park, this lake is 16km in circumference. It is surrounded by spruce and Sakhalin fir forests, and the home of many Dolly Varden trout. Lake Shikaribetsu is 1hr 10 min by Hokkaido Takushoku bus from JR Shintoku Station to Shikaribetsu Kohan bus stop.

Hot spring near lake

Some beautiful natural outdoor hot springs can be experienced by those visiting the area if they are willing to go off the beaten path.

Riding Park

Beginning to intermediate riders can enjoy this upgraded riding park. There is also 18 hole park golf course that has be recently upgrared.

Camping Spot

Shikaribetsu Lake North Coast Camping Grounds, Shikaribetsu Ravine Camping Grounds, Shikaoi Natural Land Camping Grounds

Address and Contact
Shikaoi Town The Commerce and Industry Tourist Section Higashi Machi, 1-15 Shikaoi Town (Shikaoi-cho), Kato District (Kato-gun), Hokkaido Prefecture 081-0292, Japan Tel: 01566-6-2311 Fax: 01566-6-1020

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