Atsushio Onsen Yamagataya (hot springs spa) in Atsushiokano Village, Kitakata

600 yeas ago, Genou (Buddist of shigen temple) opened here. The hot spring contains a lot of salt and is very hot (72 degrees). It has healing power for woman’s problem, gastroenteric disorder, neuralgia etc. It is said that taking bath here is good for becoming pregnant. A quiet remote spring in Aizu.

The rustic poise which makes old of the history feel a salted cherry leave, a fresh green leaf and colored leaves in the nature environment that taste in each season can be enjoyed fully is charm. Besides the Open-air hot-springs bath, guests also can enjoy the low-heat charcoal-fire sauna. The hotel boasts the cuisine made from local ingredients.

Located in the innermost part of Kitakata near the border area of Yamagata Prefecture, this hot spring can be found in a mountainous village called Atsushiokano. As the name Atsushio (literally, hot salt) suggests, this hot spring is characteristic of its high temperature at 70? and of its high salt content. Making your body warm from inside, it is also called Kodakara-no-yu (literally, spring that blesses you with children). Indeed, a stone statue of the guardian deity of children called Kosodate Jizoson stands at the gateway to this hot spring where many people who have been blessed with children come to pray.

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Atsushiokano Village
  • Parking: Available
  • Character of Spa: Small country spring
  • Kind of hot spring: Sodium Chloride
  • Effects: Women’s problems, Gifting baby.
  • Number of hotels: 6 hotels, 615 persons
  • Price: Old building, 4 people and one room: 9500 yen (Without tax) A new annex, 4 people and one room: 11,500 yen (Without tax)

    Single person room: 4000 yen (Without tax)

  • Location: 347-2 Kitatairatako, Ooaza Atsushio, Atushiokano-Machi (Atsushiokanou Village), Kitakata-shi, Fukushima, 966-0101 Japan [Latitude: 37.731377, Longitude: 139.885228]
  • Access: 20 minutes by Atsushio Onsen bound-bus from JR Banetsu West Line Kitakata Station to Atsushio Onsen. Banetsu Expressway Aizuwakamatsu IC.
  • Reference:
    Atsushio Onsen Yamagataya (hot springs spa), TEL: 0241-36-2288, Website:
    Atsushio Onsen Inns Association (Atsushio onsen ryokan kyoudou kumiai), TEL: (0241)36-3138, Website:
    Kitakata Tourist Association: Tel.: 0241-24-5200, Website: