Higashidoori village on The Shimokita Peninsula

Higashidoori village (Higashidori-mura) occupies the northeastern coastline of Shimokita Peninsula in eastern Aomori Prefecture, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Tsugaru Strait, with Cape Shiriyazaki forming a boundary between the two seas with about 65km-long coast. The village has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall. Parts of the village are within the limits of the Shimokita Hanto Quasi-National Park.


The town adjacent to the Rokkasho-mura, Mutsu and Yokohama, south to the west. The city of Mutsu is located in the heart of Shimokita Peninsula, the northern region of Aomori Prefecture. Bordered on the east by the village of Higashidori, on the west by the town of Kawauchi, to the north by the town of Ohata, and to the south by the Yokohama town (Yokohama-machi), Mutsu has come to stand as a city vital importance for Shimokita Peninsula adjacent to Mutsu City.


Kandachime, horses living in Cape Shiriyazaki kandachime_horses_living_in_cape_shiriyazaki Tel.: 0175-27-2111
Shinyazaki Lighthouse (Shiriyazaki Todai)
Noushigawa Rest house and Roadside Restaurant noushigawa_rest_house_and_roadside_restaurant Tel.: 0175-28-5203
Monomizaki Cape Monomi
Higashidoori Local foods local_foods_-_higashidoori_soba
Higashidori village Traditional Performances higashidori_village_traditional_performances_-_image_2 Tel.: 0175-27-2111
The Oippe River (Oippegawa) Tel.: 0175-46-2218
Tonttu Village nuclear power plant electric energy tonttu_village_nuclear_power_plant_electric_energy Tel.: 0175-48-2777, Website: http://www.tonttu-village.jp/
Higashidoori fishing Industry Autumn festival higashidoori_fishing_industry_autumn_festival
Higashidoori Yosamainaruko Odori Autumn Festival higashidoori_yosamainaruko_odori_autumn_festival
Buried Forest
Higashidori Soba Festival higashidori_soba_festival Tel.: 0175-27-2111
Higashidori Special Products higashidori_special_products_-_image_1 higashidori_special_products_-_image_2 Tel.: 0175-47-2115
Higashidori Fresh Seafood – Museum of live fish higashidori_fresh_seafood_-_museum_of_live_fish_-_image_-1 Tel.: 0175-45-5155
Higashidoori Transport (Public Bus and Taxi) bus taxi Tel.: 0175-46-2214, 0175-48-2291, 0175-48-2640
Internal Affairs and Communications Division,
Higashidoori village (Higashidori-mura) Administrative Office building
higashidoori_village_higashidori-mura_administrative_office_building Higashidoori Village Government Office Address: Sawauchi-5-34 Sunagomata, Higashidori, Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture 039-4292, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.277786999999996,141.328936] Tel: 0175 -27 -2111 Tel: 0175-27-2200 (Higashidori village hall gymnasium) Fax: 0175 -27 -2130

E-mail: nou…@vill.higashidoori.lg.jp

Website: http://www.vill.higashidoori.lg.jp/

Higashidoori village Chamber of Commerce and Industry Promotion Division/ Higashidoori village Forestry Association (Higashidori-mura Shinrin Kumiai) Address: Sawauchi-9-35 Sunagomata, Higashidori, Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture 039-4222, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 41.275171,141.331942] TEL: 0175-48-2882, 0175-48-2081 FAX: 0175-48-2884, 0175-48-2083

Higashidoori village Forestry Association Website: http://higashi-shinrin.jp/

Higashidoori Chamber of Commerce and Industry Promotion Division Website: http://www.aomorishokoren.or.jp/higashidoori/