Hachinohe City of Aomori

Hachinohe City, with about 245,000 inhabitants, is located in southeast Aomori Prefecture, and serves as the core city for the northern Tohoku area. Hachinohe is famous in all of Japan for its marine products. It is also famous in northern Tohoku for its industries. Hachinohe is and has been in the process of developing its port to be an international base distribution point.

    • Hachinohe Plaza, Tateda 1-1, Shiriuchimachi, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture 039-1101, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 40.509309999999999,141.431994] Tel: 0178-27-4243 (9:00~19:00)

      Website: http://www.hachinohe-cb.jp/touristcenter.html

    • 1-1 Uchimaru, Hachinohe City (Hachinohe-shi), Aomori Prefecture 031-8686, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 40.512284000000001,141.48839899999999] TEL: 0178-46-4040 Fax: 0178-46-5600 e-mail: Kankoattocity.Hachinohe.Aomori.Jp Website:


      http://hometown.infocreate.co.jp/en/tohoku/hachino/hachin-e.html (English Info)

    • Chamber of Commerce Town Hall, 2-3, Horibatacho, Hachinohe City (Hachinohe-shi), Aomori Prefecture 031-0076 , Japan [Geo Coordinate: 40.51146,141.48992100000001]
      TEL: 0178-41-1661
    • Hachinohe Bussan Association (Inc.) 1-9-22 Ichibancho, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture 039-1102, JapanTel: +81 178-23-4888
    • Hachinohe City Hall, 1-1-1 Uchimaru, Hachinohe City (Hachinohe-shi), Aomori Prefecture 031-0075, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 40.512284000000001,141.48839899999999] Tel: 81 178-43-2111 FAX: 0178-45-2077

      Website: http://www.city.hachinohe.aomori.jp/

    • Citizen Cooperation Promotions Section 1-1-1 Uchimaru, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-8686 TEL: 0178-43-9257 FAX: 0178-47-1485

      Hachinohe International Relations Association: http://www.hachinohe-hira.jp/

      Council of Local Authorities for Internations Relations: http://www.clair.or.jp/

    • City Hall, 4F TEL: 0178-43-9257

      Website: http://www.city.hachinohe.aomori.jp/index.cfm/10,39647,30,html

    • 11-1 Mikkamachi, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture 031-0032, Japan TEL: 0178-22-8228 FAX: 0178-22-8808

      E-mail: hac…@city.hachinohe.aomori.jp

      Website: http://hacchi.jp/

    • Retail fish market, since opening in 1953, has made significant contributions and the surrounding towns and villages. You will find fresh and cheap fish here. Adress: Kubo-38-1 Minatomachi, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture 031-0812, Japan TEL: 0178-33-7242 FAX: 0178-33-6151 Hachinohe City Cooperative Commercial Fish: 0178-33-6151, Fax: 0178-33-7242

      Website: http://www.city.hachinohe.aomori.jp/index.cfm/10,4953,33,html

    • Hachinohe Morning Market and Hot Spring Bath List: http://www.ukipal.jp/asayokosen/index.html
    • Kuji City (Kuji-shi) Tourism Near Hachinohe: http://kuji-kankou.com/
    • Ministry of Transportation and Management Division, Hachinohe City Tel: 0178-25-5141, Official site: http://www.city.hachinohe.aomori.jp/bus/
    • Nanbu Touring Bus By Southern Bus Co. Ltd., Hachinohe office: Tel: 0178-44-7111, Official site: http://www.nanbubus.co.jp/
    • Towada Kanko Electric Railway, Hachinohe City Branch Office (Offer Bus service from Misawa Airport to Hachinohe City): Tel: 0178-43-4520, Website: http://www.toutetsu.co.jp/
    • Aomori prefectural Bus Timetable: http://www.aomoribus.or.jp/bus/
    • Hachinohe Bus Map, Contact – Transportation planning Division, Hachinohe City Office: 0178-43-912, Website: http://www.city.hachinohe.aomori.jp/index.cfm/13,13610,34,53,html
    • Hachinohe Station – Lake Towada By JR bus Tohoku: http://www.jrbustohoku.co.jp/route/detail/?PID=9&RID=13
    • Lake Towada – Oirase Mountain Stream – Hachinohe JR bus Tohoku: http://www.jrbustohoku.co.jp/route/detail/?PID=1&RID=1
    • Hachinohe and Morioka Bus Travel Planning By Miyago Bus: Tel: 0178 (24) 3331, Fax: 0178 (44) 6018, Website: http://miyagobus.co.jp/
    • Nanbu Bus Co. Ltd., Hachinohe Office: TEL 0178-44-7111, 0178-44-5151 FAX 0178-24-1220, 0178-22-0811, Website: http://www.nanbubus.co.jp/
    • Tomakomai to Hachinohe Ferry Service By Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Searoad: Tel: 0178-28-2018, Website: http://www.silverferry.jp/
    • Misawa Airport run flight from Misawa (Hachinohe) to Tokyo (Haneda):Flight hour 1hour 10 min. From Misawa Airport there is direct transport service to Hachinohe City. TEL: 0176-53-7500, FAX:0176-50-1168, Website: http://en.misawa-airport.co.jp/
    • Hachinohe City Marine Biology Museum (Marient): Tel: 0178-33-7800, http://www.marient.org/flash.html
    • Hachinohe-shi Jomon Gakushu-kan Museum (Korekawa Archaeological Museum, Hachinohe History and Folk Museum): Tel: 0178-96-1484
    • Hachinohe Museum: Tel: 0178-44-8111
    • Historic Nejo Plaza: resident castle of the Nanbu family, the leader of the Tohoku region: 0178-41-1726
    • Kushibiki Hachimangu Shrine maintains; a national treasure armor: Tel: 0178-27-3053
    • Kabushima Island; breeding area for the black-tailed gulls: Tel: 0178-27-4243
    • Tanesashi Coast, From Hon-hachinohe station take the JR Hachinohe-sen Line. Get off at Tanesashi station (30 min. ride) and walk 10 min. Tel: 0178-27-4243
    • Kappo Sanriku Restaurant, 23 Muika-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-43-3501
    • Rokumonsen Restaurant, 29 Muika-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-45-8398
    • Iwashiya Restaurant, Iwatoku Parco Shinkan 2nd Floor, 10 Muika-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-45-6845
    • Kura Restaurant, 28 Jusannichi-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-22-1027
    • Hachinohe Grand Hotel, 14 Bancho, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-46-1234
    • Hachinohe Daiichi Washington Hotel, 7 Jusannichi-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-46-3111
    • Hotel JAL City Hachinohe, 8 Nijurokunichi-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-46-2580
    • Hotel Sun Route Hachinohe, 10 Muika-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-43-3831
    • Pacific Hotel Hachinohe, 52 Juichinichi-machi, Hachinohe-shi Tel:0178-24-3130

Lake Towada is located in Towada-Hachimantai National Park, which occupies a mountainous area on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures. Lake Towada was designated a national park in 1936. Famously scenic, the park encompasses Lake Towada (Japan’s deepest), the Oirase Valley (famous for its fall colors), the Hakkoda mountain range and the plateau of Hachimantai. A natural forest of beech and Japanese Judas trees is spread around the lake. Wild cherry and Magnolia kobus trees bloom in spring. The forest is covered with fresh green leaves in summer, which all turn red and yellow in fall and provides a gorgeous view. The transparent crystal water of the lake reflects the lakeside rocks and colorful trees creating beautiful scenes through all the seasons.

A lake with transparent water, which is the third deepest in Japan, “there is no other take Like Lake Towada in the World, just as there is no other mountain like Mt. Fuji.” So write Omachi Keigetsu about this lake that continues to attract people with its mysterious beauty. Age-old history and ancient legends continue to live on in the dramatic landscape formed by the lake and the two peninsulas. This lake is the most notable scenic sites of Tohoku region and is very popular tourist attraction. You have to drive up a series of mountains in Hachinohe to get to Towada lake. The view from the mountains surrounding the lake is spectacular.

You can access Lake Towada from Aomori or Hachonohe. These bus services have nickname. The bus from Hachinohe is called “Oirase” and from Aomori is called “Mizuumi”. “Oirase” is the name of gorge where is on the way to Lake Towada. It is must-see spot too. “Mizuumi” means Lake in Japanese. If you go to Lake Towada from Tokyo, take Tohoku Shinkansen to Hachinohe and exchange JR bus to Lake Towada. More Information about Towada Lake: