Nagoya Port Wildflower Garden Bluebonnet in Minato Ward (Minato-ku), Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi)

“Bluebonnet,” the Nagoya Port Wildflower Garden, is full of wildflowers and was opened at Nagoya Port in April 2002. Bluebonnet aims to promote academic research of wildflowers and to become a gardening information center. Wildflowers are primeval and grow without care. Gardens of various styles in the park provides visitors with many useful ideas to garden successfully.


The places to note are a “wildflower area” where mainly wildflowers are planted, and a “model garden” designed by a top British garden designer. Landscape illumination was designed by Ishii Mikiko who designed the lighting of the Meiko Triton Bridges and Yokohama Bay Bridge, and visitors can enjoy the night view at the site.

It is convenient to visit Bluebonnet by boat from Nagoya Port. If you go by boat, you can not only save time but also enjoy a wonderful view and a fresh sea breeze! There is also a children’s playground equipment.

Open: 09:30 – 17:00 (Aug: until 18:00, Nov – Dec: until 16:00, closed Jan & Feb)

Entrance Fee:
Adults 300 Yen, children (6-15) 150 Yen.

Location and Contact:
Nagoya port Wildflower Garden Bluebonnet 42, Shiomicho, Minato Ward (Minato-ku), Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi), Aichi Prefecture (Aichi-ken) 455-0028, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.070813000000001,136.88108] Tel: 052-613-1187

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