Laguna Gamagori Marine Resort Complex – theme park, Gamagori City, Aichi

This is a marine resort where you can fully enjoy the charm of Gamagori’s sea in a variety of ways. An amusement park with “Sea and Silk Road” as a theme, a water park where you can enjoy water sports, a shopping mall that includes gourmet restaurants, a museum on the sea and ships, you can enjoy all kind of “sea” related for a day.

The complex is located in Gamagori City in the central Japanese prefecture of Aichi, and it already held a “Mighty Atom Exhibition in Lagunasia” event from September to November of last year. That earlier event featured a statue of Tezuka’s Astro Boy (Mighty Atom) character which stood over three meters (10 feet) tall. Thalassotherapy (a natural healing system that draws on ocean resources) facility, a natural hot spring spa, a theme park, and other attractions that everyone can enjoy.
“Laguna Gamagori” is the first marine resort centre in the central region of Japan. Blessed with rich natural surroundings, the Mikawa Bay area is home to various recreational facilities:

  1. Theme Park “LAGUNASIA”
  2. Shopping Mall and Restaurants “LAGUNA FESTIVAL MARKET”
  3. Thalassotherapy, therapeutic facilities “THERMES MARINS DE LAGUNA”
  4. Marine leisure Centre “LAGUNA MARINA”
  5. Natural Hot Springs “LAGUNA SPA”
  6. Mediterranean Cuisine “LA MAISON BLANCHE LAGUNA”
  7. Condominium Complex “LA MERCASA”


Twenty three great attractions including the live action role-playing game MagiQuest. Six pools are open in the summer. There are many attractions that both adults and children can enjoy such as a ferris wheel, merry go round, a waterslide that has a shape of a boat in Lagunasia, an amusement park based on the legendary port town and the “Sea and Silk Road”. The water park within Lagunasia is a large swimming pool in the Summer and in the Winter it is a place where you can experience canoeing and yachting ; water sports can be enjoyed all year round.

The marine theme park, Lagunasia, is what draws most visitors to the resort. In addition to its five pools, it has an amusement park and museums, and you can enter them wearing only your swimming suit. Visitors are impressed by the pool facilities above all. They include a big wave pool, a river pool 230 meters long, two high water slides with a combined length of 100 meters, a Jacuzzi spring, and a kids’ pool—in short, something for everybody. Careful thought went into the resort’s overall design, which is aimed at reproducing the atmosphere of a Mediterranean port.

Within Lagunasia, there are a few displays related to the “Sea and Silk Road”. In the “Sea and Silk Road” building (sea and ship museum), you can see a display related to sailing and sea trade. There are also displays on tea and spices.

Laguna Festival Market

Marina-side shops and restaurants. A full range of outlet shops, fish markets, seaside restaurants, and bazaars. In Laguna Festival Market, which is connected to Lagunasia you can taste gourmet food in restaurants and shopping in a resort atmosphere. Shops include “Laguna Outlet” which sells Japanese and foreign brand goods and a Japanese crockery shop., interior accessory shop in the “Laguna Bazaar”. [Osakana Ichiba] is a shop that sells fish related products and there are restaurants which provide many sea food dishes from around the world.

La Mercasa

Private spaces all with ocean views. Vistas of Mikawa Bay and the marina from beautiful, sweeping balconies.

Laguna Marina

The largest marina in the central Japan region. Offers complete up-to-date facilities for a range of mooring options. Various marine sports are also offered.

Thermes Marine Laguna

Genuine thalassotherapy based on the techniques of Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo. Providing personalized health, beauty, and recreation services using heated seawater.

Laguna Spa

A natural spa with magnificent sunset views of Mikawa Bay. The mineral-rich hidden spa waters are pumped from 1500m below the ground.

La Maison Blanche Laguna

Mediterranean-style restaurant, run by La Maison Blanche, opened in Laguna Gamagori. Enjoy our hospitality and seasonal cuisine.

Address and Contact: LAGUNA GAMAGORI (Gamagori Marine Development Co., Ltd.) Address: 2-1, Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture 443-0014 TEL: +81-533-58-2720??FAX: +81-533-58-2701??

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