Some Facts about Anjo

City Emblem

This design was created from the character “An” of Anjo. The open bottom part symbolizes development. This, a partial modification of the emblem used unofficially in the past, was adopted in 1960.

City Symbol

On the occasion of the city’s 40th anniversary as a municipality, this friendly symbol indicating the image of “overflowing light, greenery, and industry of their cultural city” was adopted following a public solicitation in March 1992.

City tree ‘Black pine’

In the past, the Anjogahara field was full of wild young pine trees, which are now the principal greenery in Anjo. A row of pine trees with 400 years of history along the Tokaido highway has been designated as a municipal cultural property. It was selected as the city tree by the vote of residents in May 1972.

City flower ‘Salvia’

This flower is very easy for everyone to cultivate, and city residents have planted many at their homes and in school flower beds. This flower displays burning red blossoms from summer to autumn, and represents the remarkable city of Anjo. This was adopted as the city flower by the vote of city residents in May 1972.