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Miyagi Prefecture, with Matsushima Island which is one of the three best landscapes in Japan, is centrally situated in Tohoku district on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. There are many tourist attractions such as Sendai City, the prefectural capital. The prefecture has the Abukuma River in the south, the rias coastline on the east, 1,000m mountains in the west, and there are many hot springs at the foot of the mountains, which are the central attraction for the tourists coming to Tohoku district.

Located in Tohoku region on Honshu island, Miyagi faces the Pacific Ocean in the west, high mountains in the east, connected by continuous rice paddies. Along with “Matshushima”, the picturesque pine islands of 260, which was ranked at three stars by “Michelin Green Guide Japon” of France, Miyagi offers more than just a slice of nature. The capital is Sendai.

Flourished as the heart of Tohoku, experience the diverse traditional culture and local culinary delights rooted in Miyagi. Sendai is a modern city of more than a million people, which offers excellent shopping, dining, and attractions. Just outside of Sendai, relaxingly hot springs are nestled against the backdrop of rustic scenery. The blending of the unspoiled natural beauty and the modern life will undoubtedly impress you with each visit.

Climate and Vegetation

The prefecture possesses a climate which is typical in the Pacific side of Japan: high temperature with much rain in summer and low temperature with little rain in winter. It is relatively warm among the six prefectures of Tohoku district, and Sendai City has the average temperature of 12.6��. In winter, it is usually clear with little snow because of the Ou mountains. On the other hand, in the mountaneous region of Zao and Funagata areas, there are much snow and one can see the famous trees covered with ice. Off the coast of Sanriku and Kinkazan, we have the nice fishing spot because the warm and cold currents mingle there.

Geographical characteristics

The great Ou mountains of 550�H long run from north to south on the west boundary of the prefecture. Most of the mountains belong to the Nasu volcanic zone, and they include Mt. Bandai, Mt. Azuma, Mt. Zao, and Mt. Kurikoma. The coastline is divided by the Kitakami River into the deeply indented coast of Sanriku and the beach to the south of Matsushima. Plains spread around Sendai City, and the Senpoku area of the lower reaches of the Kitakami River, which has low temperature, produces 80�� of rice in the prefecture.

Men and history

Miyagi used to be called Mutsu country. Mutsu has been the political center of Tohoku district since the ancient Yamato era. In the Age of Civil Wars, the prominent commander Masamune Date appeared, and his unique behavior made the word “Date- mono”, meaning a gallant man. Masamune established a foundation of the fief of the Sendai clan as its first Daimyo, and he contributed much to its later developement. He is also famous for having built or re-built temples and shrines such as the Zuigenji Temple.What is called Date culture still remains now, and there is a rich cultural heritage from 13 generations of the Date clan. For example, the site of the Sendai Castle, Osaki Hachiman Shrine which Masamune built copying Kyoto Hokoku Shrine, and the Rinnouji Park. The Star Festival in August, which people of Sendai calls “Tanabata-san”, is famous as one of the three greatest festivals in Tohoku.


Paddy rice is cultivated almost all over the prefecture, and the yield of rice is one of the highest in Japan. Stockbreeding is also popular, and people keep dairy cattle in the broad areas of Zao, Kurikoma, and Sanriku. Fisheries of Sanriku and the offing of Kinkazan always give one of the best catches in Japan, and the processing of the marine products is also popular. Industrializing the area of Port Sendai attracts beer, pulp, electrical, and petroleum industries.

One-Point tourist guide

In Sendai City, there are many sites connected with the date clan, which are indispensable for a tourist route. Places for those who are interested in history are: Zuiganji in Matsushima, which is the Dates’ family temple, The grave of Kojiro Date in Tsuyama-machi,and Masuoka Park in Siroishi City. Matsushima, which is one of the three best landscapes in Japan, is like a beautiful garden with its four major views of Mt. Tamon, Mt. Tomi, Ogitani, and Otakamori.

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Zao, Miyagi
Zao (Zao-machi) is a town located in Katta District, Miyagi, Japan.

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