This is a large hot spring facility that is a fusion between Asia and Japan. In addition to the 11 types of baths flowing with luxurious source waters, guests can enjoy a theatrical performance by the Shitamachi Kabuki Troupe in a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Water Quality: Sodium chloride hot spring (Low osmotic pressure, weak alkaline, high temperature hot spring) / pH 77.

Location and Contact

Yamazakura Momonoyu Onsen (Hot Springs Spa) 393-6 Sasaya, Akoogi, Ichinoseki-shi (Ichinoseki City), Iwate Prefecture (Iwate-ken) 021-0041, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 38.950430999999995, 141.106933] TEL: 0191-33-1118 FAX: 0191-33-1138

Website: http://momonoyu.info/

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