Autumn sky and autumn leaves

Mt. Sukawadake and Mt. Kurikomayama

Mt. Kurikomayama (1628 m) extends over parts of Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, and Miyagi prefectures. On the Iwate side, it is called Mt. Sukawadake, and in the mid-slope are the Sukawa Highlands with many great hot springs.

Mt. Kurikoma and the sea of ​​clouds
Mt. Kurikoma and the sea of ​​clouds

Every year, after the mountain is opened to climbers in May, many Sukawa fans flock to enjoy its nature, such as the fresh green beeches in the spring to early summer, alpine plants in the summer, and the autumn foliage.

Autumn leaves of Mt. Kurikoma. Kurihara
Autumn leaves of Mt. Kurikoma. Kurihara

Especially in the fall, there are frequent traffic jams in the area, with people headed for the mountain for its fresh air and colorful trees such sa maples, Japanese rowans, and Japanese sumacs. You can also enjoy the volcanic Highlands’ various landscapes such as ravines, lakes and swamps, and wetlands.


Lake Showako

Located near the peak of Mt. Sukawadake (Mt. Kurikom-ayama), this crater lake, which smells of sulfur, was formed in the small eruption of 1944. In the fall, the colorful foliage reflects on the emerald-green lake, enchanting those who visit.

Sukawa Trekking

Enjoy trekking through various landscapes of Sukawa, such as barren volcanic areas, virgin forests, ravines, lakes and swamps, and highland wetlands. Over 150 species of alpine plants thrive here, with different wildflowers welcoming visitors each season.

Ohanabatake Flower Meadow

Nagorigahra, also known as Ohanabatake (Flower Meadow), is a wetland with an elevation of 1150 m. As you walk along the trail, you can see about 30 species of alpine plants such as cotton grass.

Sukawa Highland Hot Spring

Sukawa Hot Spring is near the mountaintop of Mt. Kurikoma which straddles the three prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Akita. The old crater is about 500 m to the south of the Sukawa hot spring, with a distant view of Mt. Kurikoma’s summit. Located at altitude 1,100 m on Mt. Kurikomayama (Mount Kurikom), 1,126m above sea level. It is a popular rest place for hikers and offers iron-sulfated, aluminum springs. Details about: Sukawa Kogen Onsen (Hot Spring Spa)

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