Mt. Murone Area, Murone Highlands Nature Park in Muronecho, Ichinoseki-shi (Ichinoseki City)


Mt. Murone (895 m) is designated as Murone Highlands Prefectural Nature Park. From the peak, there is a 360-degree panorama of beautiful scenery, which includes the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Hayachine, and even the far-away Kinkasan Island on a clear day. It is a fine mountain called “Oku-no Ko-Fuji (small Fuji in Tohoku region)” and known as the southernmost independent mountain in Kitakami Highland. The area surrounding Mt. Murone is designated as a natural park by the prefecture.

You can drive up close to the peak, so everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy the rich nature, such as azaleas in the spring, summer verdure, autumn foliage, as well as bird watching and astronomical observation. The Mt. Murone area also has many facilities for outdoor activities, such as paragliding, camping, field athletics, and mountain bike trails, as well as lodging facilities as campgrounds and cottages.


Mt. Murone and Mt. Yagoshi both are located in Murone Village (currently: Muronecho, Ichinoseki). On September 20th, 2005, the seven municipalities of Ichinoseki City – Hanaizumi Town, Daito Town, Senmaya Town, Higashiyama Town, Murone Village (Murone-mura now Muronecho), Kawasaki Village, and then, on September 26th, 2011, Fujisawa Town were merged and a new Ichinoseki City was born.

Kirara Mt. Murone Astronomical Observatory

An astronomical observatory near the peak of Mt. Murone, on the rooftop of a rest area. The 50-cm reflecting telescope provides a great learning experience for both adults and children.

Daito Furusato Branch School

A lodging facility in the beautiful Murone Highlands. After enjoying outdoor activities, refresh yourself in the large bathhouse.

Around Mt. Murone

There are many outdoor activity facilities where you can enjoy paraglid-ing, hang gliding, or camping, as well as Forest Park and Furusato Nature Park Center.

Aritsuka Park Cherry Blossom Festival

A famous cherry-blossom viewing spot in the mid-slope of Mt. Murone, with 200 cherry trees. From late April to early May, Aritsuka Park Cherry Blossom Festival is held.

Astro Roman Daito

A forest recreation spot on Mt. Murone, with mountain bike courses, field athletics, and a campground.

Location and Contact:

Mt. Murone Muronecho Orikabe (Former Murone Village), Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture, Japan [Latitude: 38.938550300000003, Longitude: 141.45029890000001]

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