The Little World, Museum of Man (Inuyama), Inuyama City, Aichi

Little World is an open-air ethnological museum – theme park opened in 1983 with 22 country areas. Visit traditional buildings, try on traditional ethnic costumes, sample authentic dishes in ethnic restaurants, and enjoy folk entertainments.

This park of 1,230,000 square meters (1,350,000 square yards) with beautiful greenery, offers you opportunities to touch and learn the lives and cultures around the world by exhibitions indoors and open air. Indoors exhibition has approx. 6000 materials gathered from 70 countries and is consists of five themes of “evolution”, “technology”, “language”, “society”, and “value”. The open air exhibition is a 2.5 km (1.5 mile) walkway which has 33 buildings from 22 countries along it.

In Little World you can travel ‘around the world’ in just one day. It is an amusement park and outdoor ethnological museum in one, offering more than 6,000 items used by various people around the world and introducing the daily lives and ceremonies of people around the globe on more than 70 televisions. In Little World you will find reconstructed traditional houses from many countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, the U.S.A., Peru, Germany, France, Africa’s Burkina Faso and many more! It also offers you six shops to buy items from abroad, so you might even find some food or items you have been missing from home and haven’t been able to find in Japan until now. And if you are exhausted from exploring and shopping the world, it may be time to take a little rest in one of the eight world restaurants offering traditional food.

Walking the way, you can see the lives of the country and buy souvenirs or eat ethnic foods at restaurants and shops at each area. In addition to the above, you can try ethnic clothing of 10 countries or regions or take a ride on world transportation. Also, ethnic music or dancing shows are held seasonally. Visitors can experience the wonder of each country through folk entertainments, shopping in craft shops and trying authentic dishes in ethnic restaurants, as well as by viewing the collection of houses and crafts. Enjoy meal from all over the world such as Worlds Food Restaurant (Little World Restaurant), Indian, Peruvian, Korean, German, Italian, Taiwan, Ethnic dishes and ordinary Western; Chinese, Japanese dishes are available. You can buy various imported souvenirs and enjoy worldwide shopping in a single place. Visitors can enjoy one day trip around the world without a passport.

    • You can wear traditional ethnic costumes of France, Germany, Korea and Okinawa Region of Japan, and so on.

    • Artists coming from all over the world play ethnic music, acrobatics and dances.

    • You can start a round trip of the world in Little World with a passport that we made. If you stamp on the passport at every check point, you can obtain presents after a round trip (300yen).

    • Buses depart from platform and go along the circular exhibition’s road every 10 to 15 minutes. You can get on and off at any bus stop with a round-trip ticket. The round trip takes 20 minutes.

    • You can find more than 6,000 items used by various people all over the world. 70 televisions also show the daily lives and ceremonies of the people. Check Exhibition Map. Exhibits are presented according to five different themes:

      1. Learn how the evolution of mankind took place since the beginning of civilization.

      2. Exhibits are themed to include topics like “meals”, “clothing”, “housing”, and so on.

      3. Visitors can actually experience 20 languages.

      4. Various rituals through the lifetime of human beings are introduced here.

      5. Learn how religion, rituals, creative and performing arts have been influenced by the values they have.

Getting Inuyama Little World:

  • By Public Transport:
    From Inuyama (Meitetsu Inuyama line) Inuyama Station’s East exit, take the Gifu Bus Community heading for Little World; several buses each hour during opening times – takes 20 minutes.

    Alternatively take a Tohtestu Bus direct to Little World from the Meitetsu Bus Center at Nagoya Station: buses depart at 09:15, 10:15 (10:35 weekend & hols), and 11:35.

  • By Car:
    Get off Chuo-Express Highway at Komaki-higashi I.C. and drive into Owari-Park-way until Imai I.C.(7min). After this I.C. follow the sign boards(3min).They are in Japanese. Parking is 800 Yen; 1200 spaces available.

General Admission: Adults: ¥1,600; High School Students: ¥1,000 Junior Hign School Students & Elementary School Students: ¥600; Over 65 years old: ¥1,200(show ID); infants free.

Hours: 09:30-17:00 (March to November).

Address and Contact:
The Little World, Museum of Man 90-48 Imai-narusawa, Inuyama city, Aichi Japan 464-0005 Tel: (0568)62-5611

Inuyama Little World Official Website: