Other Points of Interest Around Nagoya City

kyoto Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan for approximately 1000 years ; until the year 1867. This is when the Emperor made Tokyo the capital after the Meiji Restoration. There are many magnificent structures of old shrines and temples, screen paintings, marvelous gardens, and soft meditating statues of Buddha.

Transport: JR Shinkansen to Kyoto


toba A resort city drawing tourists with its many attractions and alluring aquarium. Pearl Island, home of the world-famous Mikimoto cultured pearls offers a museum dedicated to Mr. Mikimoto and his legacy. Daily demonstrations by ama, who are women pearl divers can be seen.

Transport: Kintetsu Railway to Toba Sta.


takayama Northern city of Gifu Pref., dubbed “Little Kyoto” for its long history and Kyoto-like ambience. Famous for annual festivals in spring and fall. An open-air museum, Hida Minzoku Mura, exhibits dwellings and lifestyles of mountain people of old Japan.

Transport: JR to Takayama Sta.

Ise Shrine

ise_shrine Largest shrine in Japan with a history of over 2000 years comprising altogether 125 shrines that are centered on two main shrines, the inner shrine (Naiku) and the outer shrine (Geku). The majestic shrine surrounded by a vast forest and a clean river is the spiritual home of the Japanese people, who respect the shrine as the principal shrine throughout Japan.

Transport: Kintetsu Railway to Ise-shi Sta.

Mt. Fuji

mt-_fuji Standing 3,776 meters above sea level, Mt. Fuji is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan. It is a world-famous symbol of Japan.

Transport: JR Shinkansen to Mishrma, then local bus.

Gassho-style Houses of Shirakawa-go

gassho-style_houses_of_shirakawa-go Constructed without metal fastenings of any kind, gassho-style houses (with steep thatched roofs) are the product of the distinctive topography and weather conditions adhering resourcesfulness from the local people. These buildings are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Transport: JR to Takayama Sta., then local bus to Ogimachi.