Nasu Highland and Nakagawa Guide

Nasu Town (Nasu-machi) is located in the northernmost area of Tochigi prefecture. The town is about 180km distant from metropolitan Tokyo, or halfway between Tokyo and Sendai.

The town stretches out on the foot of the Nasu range of mountains and a row of Yamizo Mountains where Chausu-dake Mountain (1915 m), the main peak of the Nasu range of mountains, towers in the northwest still sending out smoke.

Nasu Mt. Chausu

There are hot springs with a history of 1370 years on the south slope called “Nasu hot spring village” in the Nikko national park, which is noted as a tourist spot.

There are a resort area and a theme park in the foothill. There is also dairy land in the highland area, utilizing the sloping ground, and the paddy field zone stretching out in the central and eastern areas.

In addition, Ashino and Iono areas which lie in the southwest are rich in historic remains and protect cultural assets including Yoshitsune Minamoto, an ancient samurai warrior, through Basho Matsuo, a haiku poet of the Edo period. Such local industries as forestry and stone business are also flourishing in this area.

White smoke rises from Mt. Nasu. Rich in nature


Mt. Chausu in autumn colors and Smoke
Mt. Chausu in autumn colors and Smoke

Atmosphere, clear streams, hot springs, highlands in Nasu-machi, a town of loving people. It is a town of hot springs and country homes that spread on the feet of the Nasu mountain ranges. Nasu is a town famous for sightseeing, agriculture, and forestry, surrounded by the Yamizo Mountains, one can feel the nostalgia of history. Farming villages still grace the original landscape.

Nasu plateau and cherry blossoms
Nasu plateau and cherry blossoms

Nasu is famous for the Imperial Villa. Visitors will enjoy the abundance of nature in the Nasu mountain ranges, with fuming white smoke flowing out of Mt. Chausu-dake, the highest peak. Each passing season brings a different color to the green forest ranges of the Yamizo Mountains.

Thousands of Nasu killing stones Jizo
Thousands of Nasu killing stones Jizo

Nasu-machi is to conserve the rich natural environment and climate with history and tradition and deepen cultural exchange among people, nurture art, and to create “a town where people sparkle and greenery shines” by making use of the distinctive local industry and region’s characteristics.

Nasu Highland (Nasu-kogen)

Autumn leaves season at Nasu

Stretching over 40 kilometers from east to west and 80 kilometers from north to south, this volcanic region features the impressive Mt. Chausudake at its center. Rising 1915 meters above sea level, it is still active and often emits white plumes of smoke.

The Nasu Highland contains many vacation homes and Japanese Inns which visitors come throughout the year. There are numerous museums to visit as well as outdoor activities.

Chairlift At Nasu

One option is to take the aerial tramway to the top of Mt. Chausudake. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the top, but you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the surrounding areas.

From the summit of Mt. Chausu At Nasu

Nasu-kogen is one of the famous summer resorts in japan. In summer, a lot of people visit there to run away from the moist and sultry cities. There are many cottages, – even the Emperor’s cottage -, in Nasu-kogen and so it is a popular resort.

Torii of Mt. Chausu

Nasu Kogen is a large plateau that spreads at the southern foot of Chausudake, the highest peak in the Nasu Mountain Chain. Nasu Kogen is surrounded by abundant nature, which change throughout the 4 seasons providing great scenery.

Nasu In Tochigi Prefecture

The Nasu Kogen (Nasu Highland) region is home to numerous “attractions”, some more dubious than others, including a Monkey Park, Teddy Bear Museum, Car Museum and Animal Kingdom, where dogs can be rented by the hour (complete with authentic New Zealanders hosting a sheep shearing show). Nasu Kogen Visitor Center is presenting a regional information Kinoene Nasu Nikko National Park.

Kuroiso (Numappara marsh)

Visitors walking around Namappara Marsh

Located in the northern tip of Tochigi prefecture, this highland city is blessed with many scenic areas such as the Nakagawa River, the Numappara Marshland and a great view of the Nasu Mountain Range.

Cumulonimbus clouds covering Mt. Numahara at Nasu

In addition, you’ll find many hot springs such as Itamuro Onsen and Sando-goya Onsen. It is located about 6 km north-northwest of Nasu Highland Park. In the marshland, about 230 kinds of plants are known, and here is covered with many yellow daylilies in June and July.


The Mata Valley of fresh green trees at Nasu

Nakagawa is a famous fishing village situated along the Nakagawa River. From June – October you can try your luck fishing for sweet fish. After catching them with your bare hands, have them prepared at one of the nearby restaurants. A favorite of the celebrated poet Basho, the beautiful grounds of Kurobane are also worth a visit.

Nakagawa Onsen

Nakagawa Town (Nakagawa-machi) is located in Nasu District (Nasu-gun), Tochigi, Japan. Nakagawa was created on October 1, 2005 from the merger of the Bato town (Bato-machi) and Ogawa town (Ogawa-machi), both from Nasu District. More: Nakagawa Town (Nakagawa-machi) Tourist Info

The 5 Mountain Peaks in Nasu

Nasu mountain range

Nasu Town Local Areas

Four seasons in Nasu Town

Nasu Onsen Hot Springs (the famous 7 Spas in Nasu)

Shiobara Onsen Town in Nasu

Sessho-no-Seki (Killing Stone)

Killing stone In Nasu
The Thousand Jizo At The Killing Stone At Nasu

Nasu Onsen Shrine

Nasu Onsen Shrine Otorii

Kuizome Temple

Nasu Town (Nasu-machi) Tourism Contacts & Others:

Rindo-Ko Family Bokujyo (Rindo Lake Family Farm) – Leisure theme park on Lake Rindoh

Spring scenery of Nasu Heartful Farm

Nicknamed “Little Switzerland in Nasu Height”, this Park with a lake at its center covers an area of three hundred thousand sq. meters blessed with lots of flowers in all seasons featuring more than thirty leisure facilities and enjoyable events. With four seasons flower garden a vast amusement park of 300,000 square meters that extends around the lake.

A happy ranch that can touch a lovely animals such as horse ridings and calves and rabbits. 30 min. by bus from JR Nasu- Shiobara Station. Address: 414-2 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0397, Japan Tel: 0287-76-3111 Fax: 0287-76-3123


Towa Nasu Highland Resort (Nasu Highland Park) – Amusement Park

Towa Nasu Highland Resort is an amusement park on a vast site full of various attractions such as roller coasters.It is located about 5 km southwest of Nasu Yumoto hot spring resort.

This park is popular for 10 scary rides, and there are a total of more than 40 attractions. There are a lot of models that a small child can also take, too. Half the attraction in the garden is a model that a small child can also enjoy. Address: 3375 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0303, Japan Tel: 0287-78-1150 Fax: 0287-78-1212


Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu Animal Kingdom

The Nasu Animal Kingdom is a farm/zoo with the world’s largest extant rodent – here you can watch or touch rare uncommon animals, such as bear-cat, beaver, Blakiston’s fish owl, camel, penguin, squirrel monkey, capybara, sheep, alpaca, kangaroos and other large animals roaming freely on a sprawling landscape of 430,000m² with full of opportunities to interact with them.

Nasu Animal Kingdom offers you an opportunity to improve the sensibility of your children through an experience far different from just reading an animal book. There is also horse riding, camel rides, a kangaroo plaza and a variety of other ways for visitors to come and enjoy spending time with the animals. Address: 1042-1 Midorigaoka, Oshima, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3223, Japan Tel: 0287-77-1110 Website: (Official Website) (Eng Info)

Nasu Ropeway

Ropeway to the top of the autumn leaves at Nasu

It is a ropeway to the top of Mount Nasu. The station at the foot of the mountain is located about 4 km north-northwest of Nasu Yumoto hot spring resort. It climbs a difference in height of about 300 meters.

Nasu Ropeway connects the Nasu Ropeway Sanroku Station located at the top of the Volcano Highway (Nasu Kogen Turnpike) and Sancho Station at the 9th stage of Chausudake in about 4 minutes. From the peak, one can see Mt. Bandaisan, the Nikko Mountain Range, the Kanto Plain (Nasunogahara Plain), Mt. Tsukubasan, and other locations in a 360-degree panoramic view. Address: 217 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301, Japan Tel: +81 287-76-2449


Nasu Heisei-no-mori Forest of Nikko National Park

The 560ha-wide forest is home to a number of rare species. Various activities, such as nature programs and guided walks. Fall leaves of the mountains surrounding Komadome Waterfall is particularly beautiful.

There is an animal pathway in the Nasu Heisei-no-mori forest area of Nikko National Park. An animal pathway is a pathway for use by small arboreal animals like squirrels and dormice to protect them from automotive traffic.

Address: Nasu Heisei-no-mori Forest 3254 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel: 0287-74-6808

Nature Conservation Office  (Nasu Heisei-no-Mori Forest Imperial Villa & Visitor Center)

Formerly the property of the Nasu Imperial Villa until 2008, the area was opened to the public in May 2011. The 560ha-wide forest is home to a number of rare species. Various activities, such as nature programs and guided walks. Fall leaves of the mountains surrounding Komadome Waterfall is particularly beautiful. Address: 199-81 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301, Japan Tel: 0287-76-7512 Fax: 0287-76-7513

Nasu Heisei-no-mori Forest of Nikko National Park Website:

Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori Roadside Station – Forest of friendship

Yuai no Mori Roadside Station (Michino-eki) is in the centre of the area and is known as the doorway to Nasu. Express bus & Shuttle bus around Nasu or from Tokyo arrives and departs from here. There are product center and sightseeing interchange center, industrial arts building. Address: 593-8 Takakuotsu, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0303, Japan Tel: 0287-78-0233 Fax: 0287-78-0235


Roadside Station (Michino-eki) – Michinoeki Tosando Iono

Roadside Station “Tousandou Iono” is located along the side of National Highway Route 294 in the southeast of Nasu Town, easily findable by the 12m diameter water wheel landmark.

The station’s specialty is handmade soba made using local soba flour ground by a 2m diameter stone grinding wheel. People come to enjoy the flavor from surrounding areas and even as far as the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The station also sells vegetables and processed goods made from agricultural products freshly taken from local produce centers. Address: 459 Iono, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3436, Japan Tel: 0287-75-0577, 0287-75-0654, 0287-75-0653 Fax: 0287-75-0665


Mt.JEANS Ski Resort Nasu

Mt Jeans At Nasu

This is one of the largest colonies of Goyotsutsuji azalea in Japan. More than thirty thousand of the azalea trees over 300-years old grow wild here. It has a promenade and a viewing platform built neatly, too. Address: 329-3223 Oshima, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3223, Japan Tel: 0287-77-2300


Nasu Minamigaoka Dairy Farm and Ranch

Here you can be in close contact with domestic animals of many kinds, such as cows, horses, and rabbits. There’s also horse riding, rental rabbits, donkey riding, trout fishing, archery, putter golf, IKOI-NO-KOMICHI(relaxation alley),etc… Children enjoy feeding the carp and having a pet of the young lambs or kid goats in the spring, or going for a ride on donkeys or horses in the farm. Address: 579 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0393, Japan Tel: 0287-76-2150 Fax: 0287-76-2477

Official Website:

More eng. info:

Nasu Safari Park

Over 700 animals of 70 different species live at Nasu Safari Park including lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebras, camels, rhinos, and hippos. Big Theme Park where children can play with a lot of animals. An exclusive night safari is also available. Address: 3523 Takakuotsu, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0303, Japan Tel: 0287-78-0838 Fax: 0287-78-0834


Tohoku Safari Park

In Tohoku Safari Park you will find rare wild animals in the world, such as white lion, white serpent, white alligator, white fox, raccoon white, other. It is accessible via Nihonmatsu Station; bordering Fukushima Prefecture to the north, as well as nationally famous Nikko City and Nasu Town (Nasu-machi) within Tochigi Prefecture. Tohoku Safari Park Address: 1 Sawamatsukura, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture 964-0088, Japan Tel: 0243-24-2336 Fax: 0243-24-2433


Nasu World Monkey Park

Nasu World Monkey Park is a monkey theme park with over 60 different types of rare monkeys from around the world. The Nasu Monkey Theater where the animals perform is held 3 times a day and is also extremely popular. Address: 6146 Takakuko, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0001, Japan Tel: 0287-63-8855


Nasu SL Land Steam Locomotive Museum and Restaurant – a theme park

Experience mysterious virtual zone, retro dollhouse, 3D horror museum, Nasu Dome Theater, Treasure Hunting, Kids Park, Thomas Land & vehicle zone, Panoramic view of 12 famous mountains by train, etc Address: 24-2 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0303, Japan Tel: 0287(62)3078 [Restaurant], 0287(63)4005 [Museum] Fax: 0287(64)2370 [Museum], 0287(64)2370 [Restaurant]


Okashinoshiro Nasu Heartland

Okashinoshiro Nasu Heartland Strawberry Farm

Explore the delightful Okashinoshiro Heartland sweet and cake shop, with its own factory on the premises. Experience strawberry picking in the forest nearby, and try delicious freshly-picked strawberries. In addition, visitors can watch the sweets being made in the factory through the glass walls in the shop.

Okashinoshiro Nasu Heartland Onsen

On the same site is the “Ohana no Shiro” and the day trip onsen hot spring “Gensen Nasusan” making the site a popular tourist spot even with Nasu locals. Address: 4588-10 Takakuko, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0001, Japan Tel: 0287-62-1800 (8:30~17:30)


Nasu Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum lives up to its name, boasting quite impressive varieties that have been loved for more than a hundred years the world over. Teddy bears and Teddy Bear goods created by over 100 artists from all over the world are displayed. The spacious interior houses a variety of teddy bears and other goods. Address: 1185-4 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel: 0287-76-1711 Fax: 0287-76-1980


Nasu Trick Art Museum

House of trick art, Trick arts Labyrinth, Michelangelo’s Museum within Nasu Trick Art Museum is the illusion of eyes. The museum collects 2 dimensional artworks which evoke a spirit of fantasy and blend lies and reality and 3-dimensional works with western touches. Address: 5760 Uenodai Takakuko Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0304, Japan Tel: +81 287-62-8388


Emile Galle Art Museum (Exposition Permanente des Verreries D’Emile Galle)

Emile Galle was a French glass designer. His naturalistic designs combined with innovative techniques made him one of the pioneering glass makers of the late 19th, and early 20th centuries. Around 100 pieces of glassware by Emile Galle are exhibited here. Address: 132 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel: 0287-78-6030


Nasu Music Box Museum (Nasu Orgel Museum)

The Nasu Orgel Museum was opened in April 1992 as a memorial hall for Sato Kiyoshi to collect and popularize music boxes. The museum mainly exhibits antique music boxes, a collection of Kiyoshi Sato, Japanese music boxes made in the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe and the Americas. Address: 270 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel: +81 287-78-2733


Stained Glass Museum

The Nasu Stained Glass Museum was built using all real materials based on a motif of a stonework noble manor in Cotswolds, England. Stepping onto the grounds of the museum, one is enveloped in an atmosphere that makes one practically forget that they are in Japan, and allows visitors to spend a tranquil time. There are several rare items on display.

A pipe organ and music box concert is held hourly. These musical instruments come in harmony, and create rich and fullbody sounds. Address: 1790 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel: +81 287-76-7111


Nasu Michael Resort Wedding (Michael Garden Court)

Specialize in Bridal fair, Church, Party room, Bridal dress, Cuisine, Various weeding items, Bridal weeding plan.. Address: 206-167 Yumoto, Nasu Town (Nasu-machi), Nasu District (Nasu-gun), Tochigi Prefecture (Tochigi-ken) 325-0301, Japan Tel: 0287-76-7339


Nasu Classic Car Museum

The museum has classic cars such as Rolls-Royce Motors, jaguar, Alfa Romeo, a 1901 De Dion Bouton, a 1910 Fuller and the record-breaking 1930 MG EX120, an eclectic bunch of US power machines (Corvette, Mustang, Buick convertible, Hudson coupe), red European sports models (Ferrari Dino 264GT, Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder, Porsche 356B roadster, Jaguar E-Type, Daimler SP250 roadster) and examples of practical transport (Holden, Morris Minor, Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV). Visitors can actually touch and ride, making it very popular. In addition, the museum shows a variety of racing grand prix, including classic cars, on the large screen inside the museum. Address: 5705 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0304, Japan Tel: 0287-62-6662 Fax: 0287-62-6663


Nasu Asian Old Bazaar

Asian style market with various asian items. Each zone has unique country theme. Here you will find Indonesian style Selamat siang, Ubud shop; Vietnamese style Xin chao, Mekong shop; Indian style Namaste, Pokhara Shop; Indonesian Bali style Ubud Restaurant; Thai style Ngon-Lam, Mekong Restaurant; etc Address: 506-20 Yumoto, Nasu Town (Nasu-machi), Nasu District (Nasu-gun), Tochigi Prefecture (Tochigi-ken) 325-0301, Japan Tel: 0287-76-7600 Fax: 0287-76-7611


Nasu Alpaca Farm

There are over 400 lovely alpacas with soft and fluffy hair, miniature horses and ostriches in this the vast 110,000 m² farm. Visit Nasu Alpaca Farm and watch lovely alpacas before summer when the soft and fluffy hair is to be cut. All-you-can-pick & eat sweet Strawberry Tochiotome (for 30mins.) and eat rich and creamy soft-serve ice cream Address: 1083 Oshima, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3223 , Japan Tel & Fax: 0287-77-1197


Nasu Garden Outlet – Shopping mall

It is located within Nasu Royal Resort. Many famous brand shops and unique local shops are collected in balance. Food area is widely open and you can choose from various menu. Also, the NASU mountain is in the back ground. Address: 184-7 Shionosaki, Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3122, Japan Tel: 0287-65-4999


Nasu Flower World

Nasu Flower World is a large flower park in Nasu Kogen. with 200 speices, 150 thousands tulips is in full bloom at 2 hectares garden. The seasonal flowers bloom against the background of the imposing figure of the Nasu Mountain Chain, scenery so beautiful it could be said that it was a painting on canvas. Nasu Flower World is the spot where visitors can most enjoy Nasu’s nature. Nasu mountains on the west side, grand sky on the east side can be seen. Address: 5341-1 Toyoharahei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3225, Japan Tel: 0287-77-0400 Fax: 0287-77-0401


Nasu Onsen Sanraku

Established in 1923, Nasu Onsen Sanraku is a distinguished ryokan (Japanese style hotel) which was visited by Japan’s Emperor when he was still the crown prince. The entire ryokan was rebuilt in 1982 and transformed into an elegant Japanese style ryokan complete with a comprehensive range of modern facilities. Address: 206 Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301 Japan Tel: 0287-76-3010 Fax: 0287-76-4638


Nasu-kogen (Royal Resort Nasu)/ Nasu Tourism Association and Nasu Onsen Ryokan cooperative

Address: 182 Yumoto, Nasu Town (Nasu-machi), Nasu District (Nasu-gun), Tochigi Prefecture (Tochigi-ken) 325-0301, Japan Tel: 0287-76-2619 (Nasu Tourism), 0287-76-2755 (Nasu Onsen) Fax: 0287-76-3355 (Nasu Tourism)

Nasu Tourism Association Website:

Nasu Onsen Ryokan cooperative Website:

Nasu-kogen/Nasu Highway/Royal Resort Nasu Visitor Center Address: 207-2 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301, Japan Tel: 0287-74-2301 Fax: 0287-74-2302 Website:

Nasu Cheese Garden – Handmade Cheesecake from Nasu Address: 2888 Takakuko, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0001, Japan Tel: 0287-64-4848 Fax: 0287-62-7075


Nasu Finnish Forest In the woods of Finland, there are a variety of facilities including bakery, cheese shop, restaurants, shops, sausage, Santa workshop, Moomin shop, etc. Address: 2730-36 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0303, Japan Tel: 0287-78-0981 Fax: 0287-78-2921


Nasu Chifuriko Country Club – Golf Course Address: 2486-5 Toyoharaotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3224, Japan Tel: 0287-77-2111 Fax: 0287-77-2121


Nasu Tokyu Golf Resort Address: 1792 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel: 0287-76-2800 Fax: 0287-76-4639


Best Land C.C Golf Short Course No:6, Par:3, 63Yds Address: Address: 752 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301, Japan Tel: 0287-76-3688 Fax: 0287-76-3669


Maniwa Farm – Cheesecake From Nasu Close to Nasu Flower World Address: 4526 Toyoharahei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 329-3225, Japan Tel: 0287-77-0534

Fax: 0287-77-0562

Advance horse party – Fun time with horse riding Address: 5639-1 Takakuko Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0001 Japan Tel: 0287-60-0877


Akiba Museum of Antique Jewellery Address: 1790-20 Takakuhei, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0302, Japan Tel/Fax: 0287-76-4580

Nasu Kps Paraglider School By Kids Sports Inc Paragliding and para-sailing for kids at Kps Paraglider School in Nasu. A member of Japan Paraglider Association (JPA). Address: 137 Yumoto, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0301, Japan Tel: +81 287-76-4740 Fax: +81 87-76-4740


Toko Tennis Court & Village Located only 10 min drive from Nasu Interchange (IC). Toko Tennis Court & Village is a holiday rental home with tennis court and situated in the center of highland. They have four hard court that is convenient for residential tennis camp and private travel. You can enjoy the barbecue in the evening. Address: 3405-4 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture 325-0303, Japan Tel: 0287-64-3980 Fax: 0287-64-0969