Things To Do In Inasa town And The Lake Hamana Area


Hamanako (Lake Hamana) Area is blessed with a diversity of history, nature, and today’s industry. From the Enshu Coast (Enshunada) and Lake Hamana to the mountains up the Tenryu River, there are many historic sites from the old days (late 1400s ~ late 1800s) where you can experience history. Coastal areas of Lake Hamana are popular water sport spots, and Lake Oku-Hamana is loved by people who prefer to vacation in a quiet resort. Oku (Northern) Lake Hamana Area (Hosoe, Flower viewing around Oku Hamanako, Inasa, Mikkabi) offers the tranquility of the lakefront and the rolling hills beyond the lake. Here you can enjoy nature all year around. This area is filled with famous temples and gardens. Some popular activities to try are fruit picking and flower viewing.

Hamamatsu Fruit Park

hamamatsu_fruit_park This theme park has green houses for cultivation and exhibition, orchards and a restaurant. Depending on the season, visitors can try fruit harvesting and enjoy the large fruit-shaped playground equipment.

Contact – Hamamatsu City Flower and Fruit Park

4263-1 Miyakoda-cho (Miyakoda Village), Kita ward (Kita-ku), Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2102 Entrance: Adults ¥700, jr. high and elementary school students ¥350 Closed: Open throughout the year (except at year end and extra holidays) Hour: 9:00—16:30 (May~September – until 17:00) Tel: 053-428-5211 Fax: 053-428-5200


Lake Hamana (Hamanako) Bicycle Touring Track

Called “Yurin”, this well maintained bicycle track can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are 7 bike terminals along the track where bicycles can be rented. Have fun! Details Contact: Hamanako Bicycle Touring Track and Camping

Flower viewing around Oku Hamanako

Shibukawa Tsutsuji (Azalea) Park

shibukawa_tsutsuji_azalea_park Shibukawa Tsutsuji blossoms, a prefectural government designated natural treasure, are in full bloom in Shibukawa Tsutsuji Park and other places in the middle of May every year. Shibukawa Tsutsuji azaleas have 3 leaves and 3 reddish-purple blossoms on each branch. Shibukawa Tsutsuji (Azalea) Festival is held in the blooming period (during Mid to Late May) of the Azaleas Cluster of Shibukawa, which is designated as a natural treasure of the prefecture.

Contact – Shibukawa Tsutsuji (Azalea) Park

3407-2 Inasa town (Inasa-cho), Shibukawa, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Kita ward (Kita-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2537, Japan

Tel: 053-542-1113, Fax: 053-542-2226 (Inasa-cho Tourism Association)

Okuyama Highlands (Okuyama Kogen)

In this theme park, seasonal flowers, such as drooping Ume blossoms, hydrangeas, lilies, and the seven autumn flowers can be appreciated. Families can spend a full day here with an interesting playground available for the kids.

Shoryu Weeping Plum Blossoms Festival is held in the flowering season of about 280 plum trees in the Okuyama Kogen during Late February to Late March. Shoryu shidare-ume is the flowers of plum trees that look like dragons rising to the sky. Inasa Hydrangeas Festival is held around the Okuyama Park, Idaira River, Hiking Trail of Mt.Ryugashi, Okuyama Kogen during Early June to Late July, when twenty million of hydrangeas in the areas are in bloom.
Contact – Okuyama Highlands (Okuyama Kogen) 1736-1 Inasa town (Inasa-cho), Okuyama, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Kita ward (Kita-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2224, Japan Entrance: People aged 3 and older ¥500 (extra fee is required for special events) Closed: Usually closed: Tuesdays Hour: 10:00—17:00. (Ume blossom season – 9:00~17:00) TEL: 053-543-0234 FAX:053-543-0235


Ryugashi Cave (Ryugashi-do Cavern)

Ryugashido, the largest cavern in the Tokai District, is the mysterious underground creation of 250 million years of history. The total length of the cave is 1,000m, approximately 400m of which is open to the public. Come and see the natural spectacle and enjoy the mystery of the underground! Full Details: Ryugashi Cave (Ryugashi-do Cavern) and Museum

Ryotanji Temple and Garden

This temple was founded in the year 733 by Gyoki, Bodhisattva. There are many cultural assets here, such as the garden designed by Enshu Kobori, and the sculpture of a dragon carved by Jingoro Hidari. This has been the li family’s home temple for 40 generations, including Naosuke li, a famous lord in the last days of Tokugawa Shogunate, and li Naomasa, one of the big four lords at the Tokugawa Period. Ryotanji is one of the 5 famous temples in the northern area of Lake Hamana. Full Details: Ryotanji Temple and Garden

Daihonzan Hokoji Temple and Okuyama Hansobo

daihonzan_hokoji_temple_and_okuyama_hansobo Daihonzan Hokoji Temple is the headquarters of the Hokoji Temple group of the Buddhist Rinzai Sect. Five hundred stone statues, named Gohyaku Rakan, warmly welcome the visitors to the precinct surrounded by old Japanese cedar trees. Hokoji is one of the 5 famous temples in the northern area of Lake Hamana.

Contact – Hokoji and Okuyama Hansobo Temple

1577-1 Inasa town (Inasa-cho), Okuyama,Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Kita ward (Kita-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2224, Japan Entrance: Jr. high school students and older ¥300, elementary school students ¥150 Hour: 9:00-17:00 TEL: 053-543-0003 FAX: 053-543-0249

Hoko-ji Temple Website:

Okuyama Hansoubou Temple Website:

Okuyama Park

okuyama_park_near_the_hokoji_temple Okuyama Park is located near the Hokoji Temple. It is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and hydrangeas in summer. It is famous for its cherry blossoms, 1,000 cherry trees have been planted around the park. At the entrance you will see a floating bridge over the pond. It is also a good base for hiking trail.

Contact – Okuyama Plateau

303 Inasa town (Inasa-cho), Okuyama, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Kita ward (Kita-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2224, Japan Tel: 053-543-0234, 053-522-4720 (Lake Hamana Tourism Association), 053-542-1113 (Inasa Tourism Association)

Okuyama Plateau Horse Riding Club:

Inasa town (Inasa-cho) Map

Transportation – Getting Around Inasa town (Inasa-cho) in Oku Lake Hamana (Hamanako) Area of Hamamatsu [See Inasa town (Inasa-cho) Area Map Above]:

By Train: Tenryu Hamanako Line Shinjohara Station → Kanasashi Station (50min.)
By Bus: Hamamaisu Station Bus Terminal No.15 [Okuyama Line] and [Shibukawa Line] → “linoya” (45min.)

Inasa Tourism Contacts:

Inasa town (Inasa-cho) Tourism Association 616-5 Inasa town (Inasa-cho), Iinoya, Hamamatsu City (Hamamatsu-shi), Kita ward (Kita-ku), Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2212, Japan Tel: 053-542-1113 Fax: 053-542-2226


Lake Hamana Chamber of Commerce, Inasa Branch 766-1 Inasa town (Inasa-cho), Iinoya, Hamamatsu, Kita Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-2212, Japan Tel: 053-542-1515