Shizuoka Prefecture – Home of Mount Fuji, Shoguns and Izu Peninsula

Shizuoka prefecture, located in Japan’s approximate geographic center, is best known as the home of Mount Fuji. The elegant outlines of this volcanic mountain are recognized all over the world as a symbol of Japan. The temperate climate here is said to be reflected in the people of this prefecture, who are known for their mild and open manner. The scenery of Shizuoka includes the Southern Japan Alps and about five hundred kilometers of coastline.

Four distinct seasons and lack of harsh weather have been said to be major factors in the region’s long-standing prosperity; today that prosperity continues as industry and advanced technologies in the region stand as pillars of Japan’s industrial success and economic prominence. With mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and natural hot springs, this prefecture has everything to offer the visitor who wants to experience the nature of Japan.

Colorful year-round festivals, historic sites, museums, and ruins dating from the Stone Age, make this prefecture a destination not to be missed when visiting the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Castles from Japan’s feudal period as well as well-preserved temples and shrines that are testaments to the excellence of Japanese architectural style are all here for the visitor to see.

The legendary Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu chose to live in Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi) which made it the unofficial capital during the 17th century. Traditional folk crafts produced today as they have been for hundreds of years are the pride of the prefecture. Verdant tea plantations and abundant groves of mandarin oranges give Shizuoka it’s name that translates as “Tranquil Hills”.

Access To Shizuoka (By Shinkansen)

From Time km
Tokyo 1hr 20min 180.2km
Nagoya 1hr 10min 185.8km
Osaka 2hr 05min 372.4km
Kyoto 1hr 50min 333.4km