Night view of Hamamatsu City Shizuoka

Hamamatsu City Central Area

Downtown Hamamatsu is the hub of the city’s economy, culture and transportation network, as well as the location of various city functions such as governmental body and information service industry. This is the downtown area where JR Hamamatsu Station, the entrance to the city, is located. Here you can enjoy shopping, eating and drinking, while walking around the area. From downtown, some tourist spots such as Hamamatsu Castle and the Museum of Musical Instruments may be visited leisurely on foot.

Hamamatsu Castle & Hamamatsu Castle Park

Hamamatsu Castle
Hamamatsu Castle

This castle is called the “Castle of Success”, because Tokugawa leyasu, the first “Shogun” (General) of the Tokugawa family, lived here for 17 years as a youth. Towards the end of March, approximately 500 cherry trees surrounding the Castle Tower begin to bloom and many people gather here for cherry blossom viewing. The art museum and the “Shointei” tea house around the castle attract visitors as well. More Details: Hamamatsu Castle within Hamamatsu Castle Park

Hamamatsu City Museum of Musical Instruments


This museum is the only public museum of musical instruments in Japan, maintaining an exhibition of approximately 1,200 musical instruments from all over the world. The traditional Japanese musical instruments, such as Koto, and Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), as well as the European luxury pianos from the 19th century, are well worth seeing.

Hamamatsu City Museum of Musical Instruments Tel: 053-451-1128 Adults ¥400, high school students ¥200, free for jr. high school students, disabled people, and those aged 70 and older Holiday: The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month (closed Thursday instead if Wednesday is a national holiday), New Year’s holidays, and other special holidays for facility maintenance. Hour: 9:30-17:00


ACT Tower Observation Gallery and ACT City Hamamatsu

The observation deck on the 45th floor of the Act Tower stands 185 meters above the ground and offers one of the best views in the Tokai district. ACT City Hamamatsu is serving as an exchange base for the highest quality of music, culture, industry, and technology attainable, ACT City provides a wide array of amenities including function halls, a first-class hotel, the Exhibition Event Center, the Congress Center, and the Musical Instrument Museum. More Details: ACT City Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu City Art Museum

Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art
Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art

This art museum patterned with bricks is located within Hamamatsu Castle Park. In addition to works by local artists, the collection includes many glass pictures and some of the early Japanese woodblock prints of Hiroshige Ando.

Contact: Hamamatsu City Art Museum Entrance: Adults ¥300, high school students ¥150, free for elementary and jr. high school students (extra fee is required for special exhibitions) Holiday: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), days following national holidays, New Year’s holidays (Dec.29~Jan.3), and exhibit change days Hour: 9:30-17:00 Tel: 053-454-6801 Fax:053-454-6829

Email: art-…


Hamamatsu Science Museum

Displays are classified into 6 themes including nature and space. Live concerts and other events are held here in the 20 meter diameter planetarium.

Contact: Hamamatsu Science Museum

Entrance: Adults ¥500, high school students ¥350, free for jr. high school students and younger (extra fee is required for the planetarium and special exhibitions.) Holidays: Mondays (Tuesday instead if Monday is a national holiday), days following national holidays, New Year’s holidays, and extra holidays. Hour: 9:30—17:00 (from end of July to end of August-until 18:00) Tel: 053-454-0178 Fax: 053-454-0184

E-Mail: ham…


A walk around downtown Hamamatsu!

Kaiimachi Boulevard

This is one of the main streets in central Hamamatsu. The street is lined with different shops including the Zaza City shopping center which has a movie theater, stores selling popular clothing brands, and cafes.

Chitose and the surrounding area

Hamamatsu’s No.1 nightlife scene! Around Chitose you can find popular eel restaurants and many stylish bars and pubs all lined up side-by-side.

Yurakuqai and Sakanamachi Streets

Leading to Kajimachi Boulevard, these streets are crowded, especially with young people. You can enjoy shopping at various stylish boutiques. Pubs, live music houses, and bars make it a lively and exciting nighttime location.

Hamamatsu Bengara Yokocho

Select restaurants from all over Japan are gathered in this complex.

Contact: Bengara Yokocho

Entrance: Free (food and drink expenses are necessary at each restaurant) Hour: open throughout the year, 11:00~midnight Tel: 053-458-1313


Ku-Ru-Ru Bus Tour

Why not use the “Ku-Ru-Ru” bus to tour the Hamamatsu downtown area on a convenient circular route! It has three loops Nishi-loop, Higashi-loop, and Minami-loop. It runs from 10 a.m. to around 6:30 p.m.


  • Single ride: adults (junior high school students and older) ¥100, children (elementary school students) ¥50, Two preschool children per each paying passenger are free.
  • One day pass: adults (junior high school students and older) ¥200, children (elementary school students) ¥100, the pass is available for any route.

For further Info:  Website: