Ishigaki Limestone Caves (Ryugujyo limestone cave) of Ishigaki Island, Ishigaki City (Ishigaki-shi)


Ryugujyo limestone cave is on the way to Banna Park observatory are some very amazing and interesting limestone caves, and inside the cave is prepared for visitor appreciation. Repeating upheaval and sedimentation, which separated the Islands of Ryukyu Arc, it took one million years to complete the making of this limestone cave. The limestone made in the coral reef is seen in the cave. The shop and the restaurant are also installed on the outskirts in this limestone cave; at the southernmost end in Japan.

These limestone caves were formed by the coral deposits that can be found surrounding each island. About 30 percent of The Ryukyu Islands are made up of these limestone deposits. In addition to coral, foraminifera, lime alga, bivalve, univalve shell, polyzoan, and sea eggs are also included in the limestone. The Ishigaki Limestone Cave attraction is an underground 600m trail which has steps, turns, and some low ceiling areas. Tel: 0980-83-1550, Website: