Hirugi forest of Miyara River (Natural monument) in Ishigaki Island, Yaeyama Islands


Hirugi Forest of Miyara River is the longest mangrove forest on the Ishigaki Island with a length of 1.5km, which spreads in the estuary of Miyanaga River, which flows the Ishigaki island southeast area. There are grown in colonies such as a group of Hirugi, and verbena, or a group of pomegranates. At the estuary and the place near a flow, Yaeyama Hirugi grows, and Ohirugi is grown in the place by which the flow was stabilized, therefore it is called Hirugi Forest. Around here much can be appreciated such as Hmanatsu and Adan, or Ibotakusagi. Mangrove forests are the aggregations of the vegetation growing from the tropical zone to the subtropical zone, which spreads at the seashore and the mouth of a river. The group of Hirugi tree, and verbena tree, pomegranate tree are growing here. Because there are many Hirugi trees, it is called “Hirugi Forest”, and Yaeyama Hirugi grows here also.