Nagano Iizuna Kogen in Mount Iizuna/Izuna (Iizuna/Izuna-yama)

Mount Iizuna/Izuna (Iizuna/Izuna-yama) is a popular hiking destination that can be enjoyed by the whole family. A legend says that Lake Daizahoshi (Daizahoushi-ike Lake), located at the foot of the mountain, was made from a footprint by Daidara-Bochi, a legendary giant. The pond, surrounded by Japanese larch, is especially beautiful in spring and fall. Many families come here for camping and other outdoor activities. Iizuna heights, on the lower part of Iizuna-yama, hosted the freestyle skiing events during the 1998 Winter Olympics. This is where Satoya Tae won a spectacular gold medal. It also accommodated the 1990 World Cup in 1990. At the foot of Iizuna-yama you’ll find Asia’s first artificial bobsleigh and luge course. This 1700 meter long, three-dimensional track has 15 curves with an elevation difference of 113 meters. In addition to the two ski resorts, you’ll find lakes, golf courses and peaceful retreats. Iizuna Kogen is about 30 minutes from downtown Nagano.

Mt. Iizuna (1917 meters above sea level) – The Iizuna heights of 1,100 meters above the sea level is the kingdom of music and sports: Iizuna Kogen is a sports paradise for field athletics in Kotengunomori. Various activities include nature walking around the ponds, tennis, golf, horse riding, skiing and others. One of Hokushin-Gogaku. This mountain is popular with all age people.

This area has become a popular place for the training camps of American football. The summer heights is a very active place,beaming with young people’s energy.

Every summer this area is host to a big music festival called Nagano Aspen music festival and a jazz concert.

Ooyachi-shitsugen Wetlands: 50,000 cubic meter (m3) Skunk Cabbage and many other wild flowers are seen in spring.

Daizahoushi-ike Lake (Daizahoshi pond): It has the folklore that this lake was left as a footprint by Deidara, the giant priest. Daizahoshi pond with full of water is located on the foot of Iizuna Kogen. Mt.Iizuna which is 1,917 meters above the sea level casts its graceful silhouette on the pond. It is said when the giant Deidara bonze sat on Mt.Iizuna, his big foot made a big hole, which later became the pond.

There is a resort area where a lot of tourists visit through the year. People enjoy boating and fishing on the pond, camping at the public campsite of the west side of the pond and also skiing in Iizuna Kogen ski resort in winter.

A day at the Heights begins with bird watching in the early morning fog: Shinshu(the other name of Nagano prefecture) is the habitat of wild birds. Nikko and the foot area of Mt.Fuji are also host to a variety of wild birds.

About 100 kinds of wild birds such as jay, blue and white fly catcher, Japanese grosbeak, etc, inhabit especially the area along the Bird-line between Iizuna and Togakushi.

Course Duration (approx.)
Mt.Iizuna Climbing (1917m To the top) 2hrs 40min.
“Ichinotorii -enchi” Park 30min.
Ichinotorii ~ Daizahoushi-ike Lake 50min.(One Way)
Yanagisawa-ike Pond 40min.
Ooyachi-shitugen Wetlands 20min.
Daizahoushi-ike Lake 25min.
Roop Line ~ Asakawa-Ooike Ponds 3hrs 30min.
Around Skiing Park 40min.
Nagano Environmental Conservation Research Institute 30min.
Asakawa-Ooike ~ Nekomata-ike Ponds 30min.

Iizuna Kogen Ski Area in Mount Iizuna/Izuna (Iizuna/Izuna-yama)

Iizuna Kogen Ski Area is located at Mount Iizuna/Mount Izuna (Iizuna/Izuna-yama). This mountain is located ten kilometers north-northwest of the heart of Nagano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Together with Mount Reisenji (Resenji-yama), Mount Meno (Meno-yama), and others, it forms the Iizuna range. It has an elevation of 1,917 metres. Iizuna Kogen Ski Area (Iizuna Kogen Suki-jo) 1-1 Iizuna-machi, Tomita, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 380-0882, Japan Tel: 026-239-2505 Fax: 026-239-2054

Website: , English Info:

Ichinotorii-enchi Park: Around 27,272cubic meter (m3). Once it was a gateway to Togakushi shrine. Many wild flowers spread in spring and summer.

Nagano Environmental Conservation Research Institute, Iizuna Branch Tel: 026-239-1031


Wakeboarding on the lake
Tel: 026-258-3116(Reservation)

Former residence of Daniel Norman: A missionary,Daniel Norman lived in this house in Agata-machi,Nagano-city (1906-1934). It was moved here in 1971.

Teacher’s dormitory of the former Nagano-Ken Shihan Gakko(school): It was built in Nagano-city Central in 1875 and moved here in 1971.

Iizuna Kougen Athletic Ground/ Tennis courts (Clay court)
Tel: 026-239-3185(Reservation), 026-239-2934


Iizuna Kogen has 2 golf courses:
Nagano Country Golf Club at Iizuna Tel: 026-239-3100 Fax: 026-239-2057


Nagano Keikyu Country Golf Club at Iizuna Tel: 026-239-1025 Fax: 026-239-1027


In Iizuna Kogen also there are – Ooike Pond, Shinanoji-Shizen yuuhodou (Shinanoji Natural Trail), Spiral (Nagano Municipal Bobsleigh and Luge Park), Kotengunomori (Free Playing yard), Otonari-Circuit (Race track for Kart), Iizuna Riding Park (Horse Riding). All are great fun.

Special Yearly Events Jazz Live (December) Iizuna Winter Festival (Dec.Jan.Feb.Mar.) Exciting Snow Battle [Snowball Fight](Jan.)

Iizuna Himatsuri Festival (August 10 every year): Enjoy many fireworks on the lake with music and traditional Shinto ceremony

Iizuna-Kogen Ski School Tel: 026-239-2871


Sacramento Pro Ski School at Iizuna Tel: 026-239-2790


Iizuna Sports Ground
Tel: 026-239-3185(For Reservation), 026-239-2934

Iizuna Horseback Riding Park Tel: 026-239-3135 Fax: 026-239-3135


Iizuna-Kogen Camping Area Tel: 026-239-3272 Fax: 026-239-2505


Iizuna Nature Center (Playing & Camping) Tel: 026-239-3301

Fax: 026-239-1124

Iizuna-Ko Fishing Lake
Tel: 090-8773-8680

Iizuna Yokkorasho Farm Tel: 026-239-3299 Fax: 026-239-2315


Iizuna Suirin Natural Farm Tel: 026-239-2630 Fax: 026-239-2736


Iizuna Yawataya Farm
Tel: 026-239-1081

Eihou Touen Ceramic Art
Tel: 090-3333-9776

Marimiya Ceramic Art
Tel: 090-4159-0884

Yamazaki Store Iizuna (Iizuna Convenience Store) Tel: 026-239-3098

Hours: 6:30~20:00

Eneos Iizuna-Kogen Nakai (Iizuna Fuel Station) Tel: 026-239-2311 Fax: 026-239-2313 Hours: 8:00~18:00, Holiday: Wed.


Iizuna Fire Station, Tel: 026-239-2119
Post Office,Tel: 026-239-0380

Sanpatsubatake (Iizuna Barber Shop) Tel: 026-239-2577/090-7007-4498 Fax: 026-239-2577

Hours: 10:00~Mon.~Fri.

By JR Narita Express (Approx. 1hour)
By JR”Asama”Nagano Shinkansen (Approx. 1 hour 30minutes)
By JR Ltd. Express”Shinano’ (Approx. 3hour)
By Tokaido Shinkansen (Approx. 1hour)
By JR Ltd. Express”Shinano” (Approx. 3hour)
By Kanetsu Expwy
Fujiko FTC
By Jyoshinetsu Expwy
Nagano Iizuna Kogen (Approx. 2hour 30minutes)
By Chuo Expwy
Okaya JCT
By Nagano Expwy
Kosyoku JCT
By Jyoshinetsu Expwy
Nagano Iizuna Kogen (Approx. 2hour 10minutes)
By Meishin Expwy
Komaki JCT
By Chuo Expwy
Okaya JCT
By Nagano Expwy
Okaya JCT
By Jyoshinetsu Expwy
Nagano Iizuna Kogen (Approx. 5hour 10minutes)
By Jyoshinetsu Expwy
Shinano-machi IC
By Resort Line
Nagano Iizuna Kogen
From the Kawanakajima Bus Information Office (West Plaza 1F) in front of Nagano Station, Take the Kawanakajima Bus in the direction of “Togakushi Skiing Grounds” Bus No.70,71. Transit time: 40min. By car, the ride from Nagano City Central takes about 25min. Taxi From Nagano Station to Iizuna-kogen: Approx.¥5,000 TEL: 026-222-1234

Kawanakajima Bus Route by Alpico Group public transport company in Nagano Prefecture:

Togakushi Line (via Bird Line): Nagano – Iizuna Kogen Heights – Togakushi Chusha Shrine – Togakushi Campsite / Togakushi Ski Area Kawanakajima Bus (Alpico Nagano Office) 2131-1 Oshimada-machi, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 381-2212, Japan Tel: 026-254-6000, 026-254-6700, 026-227-0404 (Nagano Station office) Fax: 026-254-7005

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Iizuna Kogen Tourism Association

Address: 2471-84 Ageya, Nagano City (Nagano-shi), Nagano Prefecture 380-0888, Japan Tel: 026-239-3185 Fax: 026-239-2934

E-mail: iizu…