Mie Prefecture – a destination on your visit to Japan



Located near the very center of Japan, Mie offers easy access from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Mie has prospered as a corridor between eastern and western Japan since ancient times. Blessed with a mild climate and spectacular setting between mountains and the sea, Mie features many sites that reflect the rich historical legacy of the region.

Mie is known for the Ise Grand Shrine, the birthplace of ninja and the haiku master Matsuo Basho and for other cultural legacies; it is also a prefecture with modern large scale amusement parks, museums and rich variety of sightseeing areas and resorts.

Mie is also close to Kyoto and Nara, and enjoys visits from many people every year. If you just pass through Mie on the way to Kyoto or Nara, you will miss out on a lot. Make Mie a destination on your visit to Japan!

The major cities and sightseeing areas of Mie offer a wide range of accommodations, from tourist hotels and business hotels to Japanese-style ryokan inns. General business hotels offer Western-style rooms, while ryokan inns offer traditional tatami rooms in which guests sleep on futon bedding. Many tourist hotels often provide both western and Japanese-style rooms.

In many cases tourist hotels and ryokans include dinner and breakfast in accommodation fees. If you plan to eat out during your stay at a ryokan, be sure to confirm this when you make your reservations. Ryokan accommodation is recommended for people interested in sampling Japanese culture. Typical meals feature Japanese cuisine, including sashimi (sliced raw fish) and tempura (deep-fried fish or vegetables). Guests bathe in large communal baths, and groups of two to five travelers generally share one Japanese-style room.

Are you ready for a tour through Mie?

Here is an introduction to some of the highlights of Mie Prefecture. If you are in the Kyoto vicinity, be sure to include Mie in your travel plans. Mie is surrounded by alluring destinations. After you have seen Mie, enjoy a range of other destinations in Japan.