Meoto Iwa (The Wedded-Rocks), Ise City


The Meoto Iwa (The Wedded Rocks) which lie off the shore of Futami (a town that’s now officially part of Ise City). These two large rocks in the sea, fastened together by ropes, have long symbolized marriage in Japan. At the height of summer, the scene of the sun rising between the rocks is spectacular and should not be missed.
Meoto Iwa is known from ages past as a place for worshiping the sunrise from afar, and on a clear day you can see the image of Mt. Fuji in the distance. 660m out in the sea, there is the rock “Okitama Shinseki” of the god of entertainment “Sarutahiko no Ookami”, which is said to be a holy rock, and Meoto Iwa is considered to be the Torii gate to the sacred rock. From May to July, particularly around the arrival of summer, beautiful sunrises can be seen between the two rocks. Don’t miss Meoto-iwa Rope-linking Ceremony.

Address and Contact:
Meoto Iwa (The Wedded-Rocks) 575 Futami-cho (Futami-town), Ise City (Ise-shi), Mie Prefecture, Japan Direction: Fifteen-minute walk from JR Futamigaura station Tel: 0596-43-2020 Fax: 0596-43-2015