Ise-Shima (Shima Peninsula) Area, Ise-Toba-Shima area [Ise City (Ise-shi), Toba City (Toba-shi), Shima City (Shima-shi)]


Explore Ise Jingu Shrine, the spiritual cente of the Japanese peopIe and discover the origin of Japanese culture in surrounding Ise. Reward yourself at various leisure facilities and quality ryokan inns in the Futami/Tbba area. Enjoy beautiful nature, flavorful seafood, and fun theme parks in Shima. Along with a magnificent view of the blue sky and ocean, there are many ways in which to spend your vacation days in the Ise-Toba-Shima area.

Ise City and the entire Ise-Shima (Shima Peninsula) are designated as Ise Shima National Park, with a beautiful complicated shoreline termed a rias-type coastline, which include the cities – Ise City (Ise-shi), Toba City (Toba-shi), Shima City (Shima-shi), and parts of the town of Minami-Ise town (Minamiise-cho). The area thrives on tourism, with many resort hotels and beaches awaiting people who come to visit the area. Ise-Shima is also famed for fresh seafood, particular oysters.

The climate is warm throughout the year, and broadleaf trees characteristic of temperate zones grow thickly, and along the shore coastal plants such as crinum lilies can be seen. There are also numerous places to enjoy, such as [Ise Jingu Shrine] with a history of around 2,000 years, [Okage Yokocho] where you can enjoy the town as it was many years ago, [Parque Espana] and [Ise-Azuchimomoyama Bunka-mura (Culture Village)] amusement parks, [Toba Aquarium] the first aquarium to raise dugongs over extended periods, [Dolphin Island] where you can touch dolphins, etc.
After a brief trip upstream along the sparkling waters of the Isuzu River, you can see the Ise Grand Shrine, standing solemnly in the middle of a grove of cedars. The sacred site of Ise has been a destination for travelers since ancient times. Ise is the “starting point for all journeys in Japan,” and is regarded as the cradle of Japanese culture. Surrounding Ise the beautiful costal landscapes of Ise-Shima National Park, stretch as far as the eye can see. A growing number of seaside resorts offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy this marine playground. Ise-Shima ranks as one of Japan’s best tourist resort areas, a place where history and natural beauty meet.