Iga Braid Center (Iga Kumihimo Braid), Ueno City (Ueno-shi), Iga City (Iga-shi)


Iga braiding is designated as a national traditional handicraft. The braided cords, made from silk thread, are used to fasten Obi(kimono belts) and haori (kimono coats). The center sells braided cords and offers braiding workshops.

Intricately braiding beautifully dyed silk threads to produce braids with a singular texture and quality, the ancient techniques of Iga kumihimo braid live on as an integral part of life in modern Japan. They are still specifically used to tie obi and the traditional over-jacket called a haori. But perhaps their uses are only limited by the imagination of the user, and now 56 firms employing 4,000 people among whom there are 35 government recognized Master Craftsmen continue to produce braids of exquisite intricacy.

Address and Contact:
Iga Braid Center (Iga Kumihimo Braid)
Mie Prefectural Kumihimo Cooperative Society 929-10 Shijuku-cho, Ueno City (Ueno-shi), Iga City (Iga-shi), Mie Prefecture 518-0823, Japan Direction: Ten-minute walk from Kintetsu Kuwa-machi station On November 1, 2004 Ueno was merged to form the new city of Iga [Iga City (Iga-shi)] Hour: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Closed: Every Monday except holidays Entrance: Free Tel: 0595-23-8038 Fax: 0595-24-1015

Website: http://kumihimo.or.jp/

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