Ama diving/ Shirongo Festival, Toba City (Toba-shi), Ise-Shima (Shima Peninsula) Area

Experience the Huts for Women Divers. Ama diving is a traditional fishing method practiced by free-diving women. Enjoy the bounty of the sea in these huts used by the women to rest after returning with their catch.

The ama, female divers who harvest shellfish and kelp from the sea bottom, are representatives of Japan’s traditional fishing method. The Shirongo Festival, an annual festival featuring the ama, is held on July 11 in Sugajima-town. Divers compete to gather abalone, and the first pair of abalone that are found are taken to a shrine as an offering for abundant catches and safety on the sea.

Address and Contact: Ama diving/ Shirongo Festival Shirahige Shrine, Toba City (Toba-shi), Mie Prefecture Direction: Twenty minutes by municipal boat service from JR or Kintetsu Toba stations

Tel: 0599-34-2211



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