Matsurube Onsen Kamikura – Hot Spring Spa, Genbi mountain, Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki-shi (Ichinoseki City)


This hot spring is located on the foot of Mt. Matsurube, which is considered a holy mountain by the locals. The large bathhouse, with its pure wood construction whose use of large trees evokes a feeling of dignity quietly nestled among the cedars, is well regarded locally as the site of the Sangaku Shinko festival at the foot of the mountain.

Made of wood hewn from giant tree Kamikura creates a massive and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. Enjoy cuisine featuring local mountain vegetables and char, high quality hot spring water directly from the source, an exhibition of printmaking which focuses on wild herbs and plants on Mount Matsurube and original coffee with classical music in the background.

Water Quality: Sodium & calcium sulfate saline spring (Low osmotic pressure, alkaline, high temperature hot spring) / pH 8.7 .

40 min by car or route bus from Ichinoseki station (JR Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train line). Pick-up service is also available from Ichinoseki station (advance reservations required) / 30 min drive from Ichinoseki I.C. of Tohoku Expressway.

Address and Contact:
Matsurube Onsen Kamikura (Hot Spring Spa)
Matsurube 31, Genbi-cho (At Genbi mountain/ Genbi-kei (Gembikei) Gorge), Ichinoseki-shi (Ichinoseki City), Iwate Prefecture (Iwate-ken) 021-0101, Japan [Latitude: 39.008409700000001, Longitude: 140.8622675] TEL: 0191-39-2877 FAX: 0191-39-2364