Ichinoseki Dragon Rail – Slow, easy ride and stopovers on the Dragon Rail

The JR Ofunato Line, which runs from Ichinoseki Station, winds like a serpent like dragon, hence the nick name “Dragon Rail”. Along the line, exotic sights, such as nostalgic Japanese warehouses of the Taisho period, pastoral terraced rice fields, and Meotoiwa Rocks that huddle together like husband and wife, await you.
Ichinoseki is a town where you can feel the changes of the seasons unfound in cities. Enjoy home gardening, fishing, and walking in the mountains. Nostalgic landscapes, such as old Japanese warehouses, changes of the seasons, fresh air, dragonflies, migratory birds, and salmon run, all still remain here.

  • meotoiwa_rocks_ichinoseki-shi_ichinoseki_city
    Located at the entrance of Tennosan Park, two natural granite rocks lean on each other: one that symbolizes man, 10 m around and 5 m high, and one that symbolizes woman. The juxtaposition is inimitable and impressive.

  • old_japanese_warehouses_ichinoseki-shi_ichinoseki_city

    Senmaya Sakenokura Exchange Facility (Former Yokoya Shuzo Sake Brewery/Sato Residence)

    The former Yokoya Shuzo Sake Brewery/Sato Residence, with 25 buildings from the Meiji to Taisho periods designated as national tangible cultural assets, are now used as a tourist and cultural exchange facility. The white-washed Japanese warehouses built with Japanese zelkova and the Seiyo-kan (European Hall) have an air of Taisho Roman.

  • ashi_tozan_memorial_museum_ichinoseki-shi_ichinoseki_city
    A memorial museum for Ashi Tozan, a Confucian scholar in the Edo period. He wrote Mukeiroku during his 24-year confinement, which later became a guide for the establishment of a criminal law system by the Meiji government. In the museum there are exhibits of the 15 original copies of Mukeiroku, diaries, and letters.

  • yamabuki_terraced_rice_fields_ichinoseki-shi_ichinoseki_city
    About 40 terraced rice fields lie on the slope of a mountain, covering about 2 ha of land in the Ohara Yamabuki area. In 1999 it was selected by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, adn Fisheries as one of the 100 Best Japanese Terraced Rice Fields; it is called “Hokugen no Tanada,” which means “the northernmost terraced rice field,” since it is indeed the northernmost of the selection.

  • There is a spectacular contrast of the natural beauty of the four seasons, the big rocks, and the white splashes of the waterfall. It is located on the Toriumi River, a tributary of the Okita River. The autumn foliage is especially breathtaking.

  • michi_no_eki_kawasaki_kawa_no_akari_ichinoseki-shi_ichinoseki_city
    A Michi no Eki on National Route 284, there is a farmers’ market where you can buy fresh local products such as strawberries and Chinese yams, handmade tofu, and souvenirs. The restaurant offers crab dishes, a local specialty. The facility also has tourist information and road updates.

  • tayuguro_monument_ichinoseki-shi_ichinoseki_city
    It is said that Tayuguro, Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s beloved horse, was bred in Senmaya, a town known for its horses. It originally belonged to Hidehira, the third lord of the Fujiwara clan, who later gave it to Yoshitsune upon his taking the field. Tayuguro is known for his role in the famous Hiyodorigoe of the Battle of Ichi noTani.


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