Horyu Hot Springs Spa (Kanpo no yado Ichinoseki) in Genbi-cho (Genbi village), Ichinoseki-shi (Ichinoseki City)


Mt. Kurikoma can be seen from the high vantage point of this inn. In Horyu, where a dragon died and brought a welcome rain, guests can enjoy 14 types of baths such as herb bathing in an open air bath. This hot spring on a hill by Gembikei has a magnificent view; 15 min. by bus from Ichinoseki Station.

Water Quality: Sodium chloride hot spring (Low osmotic pressure, weak alkaline, high temperature hot spring) / pH 7.9. Effective for cuts, burns, neuralgia, sore muscles, etc.

Location and Contact

Horyu Onsen (Hot Springs Spa)
Kanpo no yado Ichinoseki 147-5 Horyu, Genbi-cho (Genbi village), Ichinoseki-shi (Ichinoseki City), Iwate Prefecture (Iwate-ken) 021-0101, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 38.94279,141.06512] TEL: 0191-29-2131 FAX: 0191-29-2132

Website: http://www.kanponoyado.japanpost.jp/yado/ichinoseki/