Susukino Entertainment District, Sapporo City

Susukino is one of Japan’s largest entertainment districts, serving sushi and other local cuisine, clubs, bars, and “karaoke” venues. There are two stories about the origin of the name. One holds that the district was blanketed with “susuki” (eulalia) when settlement started. The other says it was named after Tatsuyuki Susukii, who built Susukino Yukaku, a licenced red-light district, in 1871. Today, the former red-light district bustles well into the night, but women can safely walk alone. Saunas and hotels that take advantage of natural hot spring water have become popular.

Susukino, which is known as the entertainment district of “the capital of the North,” extends north-south from Minami 4-jo to Nakajima Park and east-west from the Sosei River to Nishi 7- or 8-chome. It is crowded with some 5,000 eating and drinking places.

It started as a licensed red-light district established by the Development Commission in 1871. The area has been known as Susukino since then, although there is no such official district name. The name is said to come from the field of susuki (Japanese pampas grass) that spread over the area in those days.

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