Sunflower field in Sunflower town of Hokuryu

There are 500,000 sunflowers here, for a planted area of 10 ha, which makes this the largest sunflower field in Japan. The sunflower, which blooms from mid-July to mid-August was designated as the town flower in 1982. The August sunflower festival is known for the gigantic maze of sunflowers.

Hokuryu town where is 2 hrs drive from Sapporo is known as the town of sunflower. It’s worth seeing the millions of sunflowers in bloom in the field! From late September to mid-October, all through Hokuryu Town (Hokuryu-cho) you can see fields filled with metre-high sunflowers. Grown from green manure, there are a total of 30 million sunflowers in the town.

Sunflower field in Sunflower town of Hokuryu Yawara, Hokuryu Town (Hokuryu-cho), Uryu District (Uryu-gun), Hokkaido Prefecture 078-2512, Japan Tel: 0164-34-2111