Lake Utonai, Tomakomai City (Tomakomai-shi)

This inland-sea lake located on the Yufutsu Plain northeast of Tomakomai is 17 kilometers in circumference and 3million in area. Birds such as whooper swans and mallards stop here on their migratory route. The 500-hectare area including the surrounding wilderness and woodlands was designated as the first bird sanctuary in Japan, in 1981.

Over 200 kinds of wild birds have been observed. Waterfowls resting on the lake can be seen up close in the sanctuary, which is compete with a nature center and a nature observation trail.

Lake Utonai 150-3 Uenae, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 059-1365, Japan TEL: 0144-58-2505 FAX: 0144-58-2521


Lake Utonai Wildlife Conservation Center 156-26, Uenae, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 059-1365, Japan TEL: (0144)58-2231 FAX: (0144)51-8600


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