Ikeda Wine Castle, Ikeda Town (Ikeda-cho)

The Wine Castle, which recalls an ancient European castle, stands on a hill that commands a panoramic view of the Tokachi plains. The annual number of visitors to the castle, the symbol of Tokachi wine, exceeds 70,000. On the third floor is a municipal restaurant that offers wine and Ikeda beef. In autumn, the Autumn Wine Festival is held on the lawn of the castle.

Address and Contact Info:

Ikeda Wine Castle 83 Kiyomi, Ikeda Town (Ikeda-cho), Nakagawa District, Hokkaido Prefecture 083-0002, Japan Transit: Ikeda Station Tel: 015-572-2467 Fax: 015-572-3915 Hours: Mon-Sun (9am–5pm)

Website: http://www.tokachi-wine.com/winecastle.html

Tokachi Tourism Federation In Obihiro Obihiro JR Station, Esta Obihiro East 2nd Floor Minami 12 Chome, Nishi 2 Jyo Obihiro City (Obihiro-shi), Hokkaido Prefecture 080-0012 TEL: 0155-22-1370 (Tokachi Tourism Federation), 0155-23-6403 (Tokachi Tourism Information Center) FAX: 0155-22-8681

Website: http://www.tokachibare.jp/foreign/english/

Ikeda Town (Ikeda-cho) Government Office 7-11 Nishi 1 Jo, Ikeda, Nakagawa District, Hokkaido Prefecture 083-0021, Japan Tel: 015-572-3111 Fax: 015-572-5158

Website: http://www.town.ikeda.hokkaido.jp/index.html

Ikeda Tourism Association 7 Nishi 1 Jo, Ikeda Town (Ikeda-cho), Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido Prefecture 083-0021, Japan Tel: 015-572-2286 Fax: 015-572-2250

Website: http://www.kankou-ikeda.com/home.html

Ikeda Chamber of Commerce 1-35 Odori, Ikeda, Nakagawa District, Hokkaido Prefecture 083-0090, Japan Tel: 015-572-2135 Fax: 015-572-2136

Website: http://www.tokachi-ikeda.or.jp/