Location of Mutsu City



The city of Mutsu is located in the heart of Shimokita Peninsula, the northern region of Aomori Prefecture. Bordered on the east by the village
of Higashidori, on the west by the town of Kawauchi, to the north by the town of Ohata, and to the south by the town of Yokohama, Mutsu has come to stand as a city vital importance for Shimokita Peninsula.

The city encompasses an area of 24,582 hectares, covering 2.6% of the prefecture’s 67 cities, towns, and villages. Facing the Tsugaru Strait to the north embracing Mutsu Bay to its south, the city has a unique topography which lays claim to two separate bodies of water in addition

to two mountain systems, Kamafuse to the west and the Fukkoshi Mountains to the southeast. The topography has a strong influence on the city’s climate; while Aomori is generally known for its cold climate, from late spring to summer, the effects of the lower temperature brought on by the eastern wind “Yamase” can be potentially disastrous to crops in the region.

Furthermore, from early December to late March, the city of Mutsu is blanketed with snow, but conversely, such climate conditions make each
of the four seasons stand out with brilliant distinction. This, in addition to the rich natural environment, has deeply influenced the formation of a city that has grown up surrounded by mountains and seas.