Yuni Town, The city of Hekinan

The city of Hekinan affiliated with Yuni as a Youth Friendship Town on April 5, 1988. Yuni is located in the east of Sapporo in Hokkaido. Its area is 136.2 k‡u, which is four times as large as Hekinan and its population is 7,500.

Many settlers came to this region from the Mikawa region. One of the districts in Yuni is called “Mikawa”. Agriculture is the major industry of Yuni since the center of Hokkaido, where Yuni is located, is a rice-growing region. Recently, they have been trying to attract industrial development by making land for industrial complexes.

Fossils of a molar of a mammoth and a horn of a deer which are the oldest known were found at a gravel pit in Higashi-Mikawa of Yuni in 1990 and 1991, respectively. Now Yuni is spotlighted as the Home of the Mammoth.

The relationship between Yuni and Hekinan

Nineteen settlers, including Mr. Heigoro Kato who was from Hekinan, came to Mikawa region in Yuni in 1895. They cultivated the land of Mikawa region which was named after their hometown. @With the relationship of the ancestors, the delegation of Hekinan visited Yuni in 1983, the 40th anniversary year since the city of Hekinan has been municipalized. Taking this opportunity, Hekinan affiliated with Yuni on @April 5, 1996. Although the major industry is agriculture, they intend to develop a manufacturing industry. Hekinan, a city of agriculture and fishery is changing into a coastal industrial city. They have the same orientation for a city plan as we. We are developing a mutual understanding and goodwill by means of exchanges in the areas of culture, sports, industry, etc., and the youth take the leadership of them.