Special Events of Gamagori


Gamagori Matsuri
(Gamagori Festival)

Every year during the last weekend of July, many events are held around City Hall and Chuo-dori. At the finale on Sunday night, you can watch the largest fireworks display in the Pacific light up the night sky.

Miya Matsuri
(Miya Festival)

This festival is held during the 4th weekend of October each year. Dressed in salashi and shorts, hundreds of men transport huge decorated floats from Yatsurugi Shrine to Wakamiya Shrine. It is a spectacular and invigorating sight. To commemorate the 300th anniversary of this festival, the float is now carried over the ocean. During last year’s festival, 50,000 people watched the event.


Triathlon World Cup 1995, also known as the 7th Gamagori Orange Triathlon, was held on Sunday, July 9th. There were 1,102 entries including 50 guests from 10 different nations (America, Canada, etc.) and 1,000 participants managed to complete the race. In this year’s competition, two Brazilians took first and the second place. Next year’s race will take place on the 19th of May.

Erika Cup

This is the biggest yacht race in Japan. It is named after a yacht called Erika, which sailed around the world. The race is held on the last Sunday of May, off the coast of Gamagori. There is also a spectator’s boat that you can ride out to sea and watch the race up close.

Raft Race

A legend still exists concerning whom the island of Mikawa Oshima belongs to. A long time ago Miya, Gamagori and Katahara each sent out a boat from their respective harbors, and the boat from Miya was the first to reach the island and thus gained posession of it. Miya is proud of winning, and I am thinking of reviving this race.