Noritake Garden and Museum, Nagoya Station area, Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi)

Enter the world of ceramics and learn about pottery-making processes and valuable “Old Noritake” at the craft center and museums amid a forest of green. The Noritake Museum displays exceptional works from the early days. These works have historical and artistic value, including pieces with the decorative curves of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.

Try drawing designs on plate, or buy original creations and bargains at the shop. During your tour, you can take a break at the Café and restaurant that use Noritake tableware. The “Garden” with its rich greens is located an easy 15 minutes walk from JR Nagoya Station

In 1904, one plate launched Noritake’s dream

Noritake’s history began with this plate about one century ago. In keeping with the founder’s vision, Noritake has continued to produce tableware designed to enrich our lives. Today, the Noritake brand is loved and respected all over the world for its artistic beauty and technological process. Noritake’s manufacturing philosophy has remained unchanged throughout the passing of the years. From the past to the future, Noritake has and will continue to offer the dream of a rich life by contributing a novel perspective on the art of living. The Noritake Garden has been nurtured to manifest this idea for the next 100 years. We invite you to enjoy Noritake’s technology, long historical tradition, and artistic essence as it continues to take form under a new vision.

Culture Zone

The joy of seeing, knowing, and creating real beauty; a brand of excitement and enjoyment that only Noritake can offer.

Welcome Center

Learn more about Noritake Garden through videos and pamphlets.

CELABO Noritake Showroom

You will learn all the technique Noritake has not only on creating dining culture but technique supporting various field of industry

Craft Center

Show – Body Forming Process, Decoration process, China Painting Experience Corner, Artist Club (members-only class)

Noritake Garden Gallery

This gallery space, full of beautiful pottery, paintings, and sculptures, is a showcase for a wide variety of artwork, hosting personal exhibitions for renowned artists and art shows of local residents.

Historical Zone

Breathe in the atmosphere of the early days of western dinnerware in the Meiji Era red brick building. This is the birthplace of the modern ceramic industry. Noritake’s products were sent out to the world from these red brick factories.

CANVAS Morimura-Okura Museum

At this museum, a restoration of the original 1907 architecture, the Morimura Group (Noritake Co., Ltd., TOTO, NGK Insulators, Ltd., and NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.) presents exhibits on the history and potential of ceramics in an expansive, universally designed facility.

Commercial Zone

Resting in the rich green forest, Tasting the delicious foods, Enjoying shopping-all to make your life more comfortable.

Location and Contact

Noritake Garden Nagoya Station area, 1 – 36, Noritake-Shinmachi, 3-chome, Nishi-ku, Nagoya 451-8501, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.180419999999998,136.87988199999998] TEL: +81-52-561- 7290 (main) FAX +81- 52 – 561- 9876 (main) Craft Center: TEL +81-52-561-7114, FAX +81-52-561-7276 Noritake Garden Gallery: TEL +81-52-562-9811 CANVAS Morimura-Okura Museum: TEL +81-52-561-7231, FAX +81-52-561-7250 Artist Club: Tel: +81-52-561-7150 Kiln Restaurant: TEL +81-52-561-7304, FAX +81-52-561-7308 Square Café: TEL +81-52-561-7304