Nagoyako (Port Area), Port of Nagoya Garden Pier, Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi)


The Port of Nagoya ranks as one of the top ports in the world in size and cargo volume. Garden pier offers many attractions including the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium and the Port Building. You can enjoy sightseeing, shopping and dining in this area. aerial_view_of_port_of_nagoya_garden_pier_over_the_top

The site’s centerpiece is the Port of Nagoya Garden Pier, a broad 11-hectare space uniquely designed port building boasts – the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium; the Antarctic expedition ship Fuji, which had an 18-year career exploring the Antarctic and is now a museum; the Port Building, which has a 57-metre-tall observatory deck with a spectacular view of the port area, a maritime museum and also Nagoya Port Visitor Information Center ; Sea Train Land, an amusement park with one of the Chubu region’s largest Ferris wheels; Wildflower Garden Bluebonnet which is accessible from the Garden Pier via a 10-minute ride by water bus, it greets visitors with a profusion of flowers in every season; and green space.

The main center for these facilities of the Garden Pier is located in the innermost northern part of the harbor. Visitors can go on cruises to view firsthand the harbor that handles the largest amount of international cargo of any of Japan’s ports. There are also several shopping and dining facilities. A range of events, including semi-annual fireworks shows, are also held here.

At Minamihama Pier is the “Nagoya Port Sport Fishing Area,” a unique fishing space on the high tide breakwater, the first port facility of its kind in Japan to be opened to the public.


Tourist Locations from Nagoya Station, Hisaya-odori Station, Sakae Station and Nagoyako Station: