Nagoya Sea Train Land

There are many attractions here: an 85-meter-high “BIG FERRIS WHEEL”, “SKY REVOLUTION”, Shooting Ride – Legend of the Salamander, Treasure Hunting Adventure in Mystic Palace and more.


Fares for rides: (Admission is free, As for Nagoya Sea Port amusement facilities other than those mentioned below, please ask a person in charge):


Names of rides Fares
Great Ferris Wheel 600 yen (above 3 years of age)
Sky Revolution 400 yen
Crazy Train 400 yen
Simulation Theater: Wave Shock 600 yen
Devils’ Mansion 500 yen (above 3 years of age)
Ice World 500 yen (above 5 years of age)
Mansion of Grandish 500 yen (above 3 years of age)

Open: 12: 00~21:00 (Sat., Sun., and Holiday 10:00-22:00) (Jan.-Mar. until 20:00) Closed: Mon. of Nov.-The Middle of Apr.

Transportation: A seventeen-minute ride without need of changing trains from the “Sakae” Station for Meijo Subway Line located north next to Nagoya Harbor Aquarium Parking lot 700 cars (charge).

Location and Contact:
Sea Train Land 1-51 Nishikuracho, Minato Ward (Minato-ku), Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi), Aichi Prefecture 455-0034, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.093218,136.87765400000001] Tel: 052-661-1520, 052-661-1986, 052-654-8160, 81-052-654-8161 Fax: 052-665-2286

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