Momotaro Park, includes the Momotaro Shrine and Festival alongside the Kiso River in Inuyama City (Inuyama-shi)

Momotaro Park was built alongside the Kiso River, blessed with the beautiful landscape of the surrounding area. The park includes the Momotaro Shrine, where a folktale hero, Momotaro, is said to have been born, and the Kurisu Open-Air Playground, which provides camping facilities. Momotaro Shrine Festival is held at the Momotaro Shrine on May 5 of every year.

Cherry blossoms in spring, camping and water bathing at the `Jab Jab Pool` in summer, autumnal leaves in fall mean you can have fun in the park all the year round. In addition, there are many good restaurants and souvenir shops. From the Kiso River there are boat rides between Inuyamabashi (Inuyama bridge), Inuyama Castle and Momotaro Park. More details: Kiso River Boat Ride from Ohta-bashi (Ohta bridge) to Inuyama-bashi (Inuyama bridge)

Location and Contact:
Momotaro Park Kurisu, Inuyama City (Inuyama-shi), Aichi Prefecture (Aichi-ken) 484-0002, Japan [Latitude, Longitude: 35.405169,136.964309] Getting There: 5 min by car from Inuyama Yuen (Meitetsu Inuyama line) Momotaro Park and Momotaro Shrine Festival, Development Society of Kurisu Momotaro, Tel: 0568-61-1576 Momotaro Shrine, Tel: 0568-61-1586 Website:



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