Inuyama Internatinal Sightseeing Center“ FREUDE”, Inuyama city, AICHI

Built as a base for linking international exchange activities and the rich tourist attractions of INUYAMA,International Sightseeing Center “FREUDE” serves a purpose for people to gather for human communications and health building.

“FREUDE”,a pet name for INUYAMA International Sightseeing Center. Joy,delight,happiness-that’s what “FREUDE”means in German,as widely known from the famous Beethoven’s 9th symphony. With the idea in mind that the people who visit will be delight and happy,the facility was named FREUDE.

Main convention hall to cope with international conventions,mid and small size meeting halls, multi-purpose floor spaces for various events, information corner, Japanese rooms and Tea Ceremony room to touch and taste Japanese culture,“FREUDE”is a facility not only is it fully equipped with all the needs to function as a key station to the world but one can also touch and feel the Japanese tradition and cultural heritage. “FREUDE”truly is an ideal multi-purpose facility for international exchange and people to get together for discussing their dreams. Every year Freude Festival is held on January.

The Freude Hall, which has a video-conference system, has a layout that can be freely arranged with a movable stage and seats. The center also features wireless LAN Internet access services in all rooms, a round table conference room and special meeting rooms equipped with simultaneous interpretation systems, and a tea room.

Outline of a facility

  • Name: Inuyama International Sightseeing Center “Freude”
  • Started of services: April 01, 1995
  • Building: Some steel reinforced concrete. 4 stories above ground floor basement
  • Building Area: 1,726.86 m²
  • Total floor area: 7,826.69 m²
  • FREUDE Floor plan: (Click on the image for full view)
  • Parking: 284 units

Address and Contact: Inuyama Internatinal Sightseeing Center “FREUDE” 4-21, Matsumoto-cho, Inuyama-shi (Inuyama city), Aichi Hours: 9:00 to 21:30, Closed: New Year 2, 4 & Monday of each month. Getting there: By Car: 20 minutes from the Komaki IC ? Car (with free P only) Public transport: “FREUDE” is a 3-minute walk from the INUYAMA station – Meitetsu Inuyam Tel.: +81 568 61 1000 Fax.: +81 568 63 0156

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