Inuyama Artifacts Museum – annexed to the Puppet (Karakuri) Museum


The Museum displays floats used at the Inuyama Festival, a festival that has a 370-year history, materials about Inuyama cormorant fishing, artifacts unearthed from ancient burial mounds in the suburbs of Inuyama, and numerous ancient cultural items that Inuyama has acquired from the ancient periods. In the museum you can see the long history and culture of Inuyama from ancient times through exhibitions such as old earthenware Inuyama pottery, swords, and palanquins used by the lords of Inuyama Castle.

Karakuri Exhibition Room/ Puppet Museum (Annex)

The Room displays Karakuri (mechanical) dolls used at the Inuyama Festival and corresponding data and materials. This Annex “Puppet Museum” exhibiting more than ten puppets which perform at the top level of floats in the Inuyama festival. Every Fri. and Sat. from 10:00 to 16:00, the ninth Shoubel Tamaya demonstrates Karakuri (mechanical) doll making.

Hours: Open: 9.00 – 17.00, Last admission 16:30

Closed: Dec. 29-31

Admission: ¥100 (adult, for both museums)

Location and Contact:
Inuyama Artifacts Museum & Puppet (Karakuri) Museum Kitakoken-8, Inuyama City (Inuyama-shi), Aichi Prefecture 484-0082, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 35.392426,136.947531] Transport: Meitetsu Inuyama Yuen Sta. or Inuyama Sta. 15 min. Walk Phone: 0568-62-4802 (Main),0568-61-3932 (Annex)

Website: http://inuyama.gr.jp/culturalassets-themepark/culturalassets/626