Best Tourist Spot in Gamagori


Takeshima is an island with a circumference of 620 m. connected to the mainland by a 387 m. long bridge. It has about 238 different plant species and has been designated a Japanese national treasure. In the center of the island there is a temple dedicated to one of the Japanese Gods, Benten-sama. You can walk around the island in about 30 minutes and enjoy the view of the sea and the island at the same time. More Details: Takeshima

Takeshima Aquarium

The aquarium is divided into 17 areas in which you can see rare saltwater, freshwater, and tropical fish from around the world. There are about 450 species of fish. Every day there are four shows involving California sea lions doing various entertainment tricks with balls and jumping. The Erika, the yacht that sailed around the world, is on display outside the aquarium. More Details: Takeshima Aquarium

Gamagori Fantasy Museum

This museum displays a magical world created from over 50,000 shells from 110 different countries. You can enjoy looking at sculptures of a coral reef, dragons, a dragon castle from an old Japanese fairy tale, and more. Each sculpture is made completely out of shells.

Seaside Literary Memorial

Starting with Kawabata Yasunari, winner of the Nobel Prize, this building was loved by all literary figures from the 1920s. The Seaside Literary Memorial is a reconstruction of a Japanese-style hotel called Tokiwakan. In the building there is a corner where you can post letters 5 or 10 years into the future. You can also drink Japanese green tea (maccha) for ¥300. More Details: Seaside Literary Memorial

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