Aotsuka Kofun

Aotsuka Kofun: Ancient Burial Mounds

Aotsuka Ancient Burial Mound is a 117-meter-long square-head-round-foot ancient tomb located southeast of Inuyama, on the ridge of the diluvial upland 31 meters above sea level.

The mound is 58 meters wide and 7.5 meters high at its head, 74.5 meters across, and 10.5 meters high at its foot. It is the second-largest burial mound in Aichi prefecture, after Dampusan Ancient Burial Mounds in Nagoya city. There are several rounded mounds, which are known as the Aotsuka Ancient Burial Mound Group.

Aotsuka Kofun
Aotsuka Kofun

There also have Higashinomiya Ancient Burial Mound (square at the head and square at the end, about 78 meters in length) and Myokanji Ancient Burial Mound (square at the head and round at the end, about 95 meters in length). There are exhibition room and a lounge at the guidance facility.

Essential Info of Aotsuka Ancient Burial Mounds:

  • Other names: This mound is also called Chausuyama mound or Ozuka.
  • Inuyama-city Cultural Property designated date: May 1st,1983
  • Place: Aotsuka-chinai,Inuyama city
  • Ownership: Inuyama city (The mound is owned by Oh-agata shrine.)
  • Area: 22,000 square meters
  • Location: 22-3 Aotsuka, Inuyama City (Inuyama-shi), Aichi Prefecture (Aichi-ken) 484-0945, Japan [Latitude, Longitude: 35.325569999999999,136.929734]
  • Getting There: 5 min by car from Gakuden (Meitetsu Komaki line)
  • Tel. & Fax: 0568-68-2272
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