Ishigaki Island Specialty Products


Here are some locally produced products that are made in Ishigaki. Ishigaki specialties include Ishigaki Salt, Yaesen Awamori, Minsa Textiles, Ishigaki Brown Sugar, Ishigaki Beef, Yaeyama Soba, Papaya, and Dragonfruit.

Ishigaki Salt

Coral sea water pumped up from 60 feet below the ocean is crystallized into salt through a patented low temperature misting process. Amazingly, Ishigaki salt has no cholesterol and has an unusually high level of calcium. There is no other salt like this in the world.

Yaesen Awamori

Using water from Mt. Omoto, Yaesen Awamori is one of the most popular types of Awamori in Yaeyama. Awamori is an okinawan style of alcohol which is made using a special black yeast called Koji.

Minsa Textiles

The traditional weaving pattern known as Minsa was used in the past as an engagement gift. Its four-five pattern represents “Yours Forever More”. The dyeing and weaving process is done locally. Today, Minsa has evolved and is made into neckties, bags, table runners, coasters, and much more.

Ishigaki Brown Sugar

Due to its unrefined state, Ishigaki brown sugar is known to reduce stress, help keep cholesterol down, and prevent lifestyle diseases. Not only is it delicious but, it is also know to be a significant health food.

Ishigaki Beef

Known throughout Japan as a premium beef which is tender and delicious. You can eat Ishigaki Beef at many of the restaurants throughout town. There are some people who even say that it is better than the well known Kobe Beef.

Yaeyama Soba

Different from soba in mainland Okinawa, Yaeyama soba is kneaded using wheat and flour. Its noodles are also thinner than other types of soba. Most local restaurants have this tasty item on their menus.

Ishigaki Papaya/Dragon fruit

Ishigaki papaya is large in size but is also very sweet and juicy. Dragonfruit is a very exotic looking fruit that is produced from the vine-like cactus called Pitaya. Try some during your stay here!